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Entry 9 - February 16, 2011

Hiya Happy Reader,

Did you miss me? Oh gosh! I missed you guys too. I'm so sorry I haven't written in a while. I've been so busy with my crap job, my crazy husband, and of course - your favorite and mine . . . Evy Anne! My little baby is a little toddler now. She has perfected the art of walking and is working on talking. Her favorite words are "No", "Dada", "Huh?", and "Woof-Woof". LOL! Evy officially turned ONE YEAR OLD on January 27! We celebrated with a party! It was so much fun . . . we invited all of our friends and family to our apartment for the day. Evy had a great time and so did all her friends. It was such an awesome party, I'm still recovering from it all.. Still haven't sent out the thank you cards. Hopefully they all know we love them and appreciate their kindness . . . yeah . . . I need to get on that.

One thing at a time is what I'm learning right now. Evy is all over the place so I have to take my time when I have the time. My therapist says I need to learn the art of relaxation. I've found my happy place in the bedroom. OH C'MON! NOT LIKE THAT! Jeez! It's a family blog. HAHA! I love my bed and it's such a comfortable place to chill out. So I purchase a 32-inch flat screen telly with a sweet Blu-ray player and brought in my favorite lamp from the living room and WHAM! I've got myself a MOMMY CAVE! WooHOO! And it is awesome! Henry enjoyed it so much, he started hanging out in there too. Yeah, I had to remind him that the bedroom is my "safe space" and he has to be comfortable with me asking him to leave for me to have my own space. He agreed and now watches his shows in the living room.

It's important to have that special place to be able to escape. Evy is amazing and we have a ton of fun together, but sometimes when she tosses her plate full of food across the room and laughs as I sweep it up . . . I think to myself . . . gosh I could use a break. So after I put my little one to bed (which she's doing very well at going down with out giving us any trouble), I crank up my HD "wonderwall" and relax with my IPod and a game of Solitaire! ROCK ON!

See you next month!


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