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My name is Michelle and welcome to my parenting journal! My husband and I are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Evy (Ee-vee). She was born on January 27 and was 6 lbs 1.9 oz at birth. So small, but totally a full term baby. My original due date was February 1. She was breech at birth and born via c-section. We live in New Jersey and moved here from New York City to build a suburban life for our family. Besides rude drivers and endless designated u-turns (seriously are you kidding me??!), this place is livable.

I'm so excited to share this journey with you. One of the reasons I wanted to contribute is my need to have shared experiences with other new parents like me. It's very scary being a new mom. I can't tell you how many times I check on Evy while she's sleeping. I bet she's thinking, "Wow, large lady who might be my mommy. You're a stalker." And she would be right. I'm consistently in her face. And what a sweet face it is! Evy is our first baby. EVER. I had never been pregnant before she came along (as I documented in my recent pregnancy journal for StorkNet).

Evy and Mommy at the HospitalNow I find myself in a new predicament - a.k.a. Momma-Hood - with some of the same trepidations as in my pregnancy, but instead of whining about stretch marks (which don't fade away despite spending UBER money on expensive creams. Just use cheap margarine and hope for the best) and morning sickness, I'm sleep deprived (why do babies sleep so much during the day, but wanna party like it's a Donna Summers Revival Concert at night?), confused since everyone has an opinion on how to raise your baby (the only baby book that hasn't been written is the one Carrot Top is working on right now), and the poster gal for Ms. Postpartum 2010 (Unpack and get comfy cause I swear my period is here to stay - and so is my bipolar attitude).

EvyI'll be honest: I'm scared. I don't know nuthin' about raisin' no babies. I've never even had a pet. WAIT. Once I had a goldfish named Sammy, but that fish was just too darn needy, so I gave it to my mom to raise. I did have a Tamagochi when I was 20. But babies require more attention than cleaning up virtual poop. It's hard work! This has been the longest six weeks of my life! I was convinced my maternity leave would be a vacation. I could play video games all day. Sure I would have to change diapers, feed her, and cuddle her, but that's not much . . .YEAH RIGHT! Someone failed to inform me that babies require way more than the above.

Evy's first week home was a blur. I didn't have time to brush my teeth let alone stare at the Wii. It was like being at a catholic wedding - up and down up and down day and night. That's why it's taken me so long to write this entry (I've been working on this for three days!) The first four weeks Evy controlled my life like a rat in a cage. Don't get me wrong: besides my lack of sleep, I've enjoyed it all. My daughter is an amazing little wonder. She's curious about her surroundings and I've spent time creating an atmosphere that makes her feel comfortable and safe. I've spending time talking to her, playing with her, and reading her stories. I love it when she looks up at me with those large soft eyes - I love it even more listening to her soft breathing as she's sleeping . . .yes, we've had a good time together. But this at no walk in the park, girlfriends! IT'S WORK! PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Thank GOD I have my husband, Henry. I feel so bad disturbing him since he's a full time student and part-time worker bee. He will go to work in the morning, then school, then homework, then studying, plus he's got the baby too. Honestly, Henry is the real hero and I'm so grateful for him everyday.

ATTENTION: ALL THE SINGLE LADIES. Please do yourself a favor and get a husband before you decide to have a baby. You will save yourself plenty of drama. I'm not dissing my lovely single mommas out there. You are strong women to do it alone and some of you never had a choice in the matter. But if you have the choice, wait until you have a dependable mate to share the ups and downs with. Your biological clock might be urging you to have a baby, but don't do it if your mate is not Daddy dependable. Need a test to make sure he's the right one? Try comparing him to your favorite Care Bear. If he doesn't make the grade, don't do it! Honestly, have you ever seen a Care Bear tell you he doesn't have time to change diapers because him and his boys gotta hit the club? Neither have I. An absurd point, but one well made.

It's a blessing and a curse to being a new mom, but I am blessed to HAVE this opportunity. Evy is a very special baby and we look forward to sharing our first year of life with you. We'll update semi monthly at For our daily updates, please check out my personal blog at . I look forward to your comments and welcome all feedback.

  Henry and Evy

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