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Week 25
~ Oreos, French Fries, Ice Cream Oh My!

Hiya! It's week 25 and I am seriously freaking out. Oh why do I have to be such a junk food junky?! I had glucose testing for gestational diabetes this week and I'm terrified my Nubby's going to have shoulders like a line backer just because Mommy can't put the freaking Oreos down. Yeah, I haven't been a model citizen when it comes to healthy eating. My OBGYN says I'm gaining too much weight. Since my last appointment I gained seven pounds. That puts me at 22 pounds total weight gain since I got preggers. Not bad, but I still have four more months to go. If I keep up the bad stuff, I'm going to weigh the same as a real line backer . . . actually more.

So, this week I've really tried to clean up my eating. I ate some carrots and celery sticks for the first time without buffalo wings in a long time. I also cut my carb intake which is good. Henry is African so rice is a huge staple in our diet. He was curious what stew would taste like with broccoli, and so was I for that matter. It wasn't bad. I've been trying to be good--trying is the operative word, but it's hard. Junk food is like a drug if you've been eating it for a while. If you go cold turkey you might have withdrawal symptoms. But I'm keeping up the good fight.

I just hope it's not too late. It might be too late for the diabetes, but at least I can slow down my weight gain. I really don't want diabetes! I saw this special on TLC about overweight women who are pregnant. They talked about the complications and stuff. I thought the program was a little biased, but what can you expect from a Reality TV show. One thing that scared me was the needles. This woman had to eject herself with insulin everyday while she was pregnant because of the dreaded "D" word. I don't like needles when the nurse does it and certainly wouldn't want to do it myself. And if Henry thinks he's going to stick me, well I have a frying pan that says different! Oh why did I have to eat those stupid French fries . . .I'm seriously kicking myself.

The phone is ringing. It might be Nurse Sally. BRB.

THANK YOU GOD! I don't have diabetes. Wow! My glucose reading was completely normal. I'm so relieved! I should celebrate with an ice cream sandwich from the freezer . . . but I won't

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