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Week 26
~ Zzzzzzz . . .


Happy Halloween! It's week 26 and . . . zzzzzzzzz Oh! Wow . . . I just fell asleep while typing my journal entry. Gosh! I'm sorry. This week has been like Red Bull meets Vicodin for me. My energy levels have been all over the map thanks to hormones and Nubby. I'll have tons of energy one moment and the next I'm crawling to my bed for rest. I'm now in the habit of taking naps at work now. I know I must look strange carrying a blue blanket with me into an empty office to snuggle up on the couch, but I honestly can't keep my eyes open after 12pm. I took a nap on Tuesday and woke up freaking out because I forgot where I was. Oh boy! Just glad no one saw me since my hair looked like Don King on a good day. Wild!

To make matters worse . . . it's Halloween week and you know I just couldn't keep my hands out of the candy jar. It's difficult being a good girl during Halloween. There is so much candy and junk food out there. My boss brought in adult size Baby Ruth, Butter Finger, and Nestle Crunch bars. Why?! Why?! Why?! Another secretary made cookies! No!!!! And they ended the week with a party featuring Doritos and gummy worm cupcakes! Argggg!!! I only ate two chocolate bars. True it was on the same day, but c'mon! That's a good thing. Normally I would have had more, but I'm trying to watch my waist line and honestly the sugar crashes aren't helpful. So I'm proud that I only ate two bars. What I'm not proud of is on Halloween when I ate too many Reese's Cups. I love Reese's Cups. Henry and I bought them for the neighborhood kids. When I found myself getting territorial with the cups as kiddies where going for handfuls of them, I knew they had to go . . . the cups I mean. I still ate too many.

So this next week, I must be a good girl and go back to water, broccoli, carrot sticks and lean protein. Halloween is over and there are no more excuses. Except one . . . Thanksgiving. Oh boy!

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