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Week 27
~ The New York Socialite vs. The Suburban House Mouse


It's week 27 and boy this week has been busy, busy, busy with my play date schedule. I'm realizing that ever since I got preggie, my friends have totally taken a back seat. I'm not a huge social butterfly and I don't have tons of friends, but of the friends I do have - I think they miss me and I miss them. I don't see Henry very much either since he's consumed with work and school. I realized this week that I've been so caught up in prepping for Nubby that I'm actually lonely. I miss adult interaction and rated R humor . . . or at least rated PG-13. I miss laughing and chatting with my friends and going out on the town in New York City. OH NO! I've turned into a suburban house mouse! I just stay in my warm house and eat cheese all day! Literally. So this week was all about reconnecting with my peeps. Henry didn't mind me going out either. I think he started to notice my growing addiction to Monopoly on Wii and thought I could use a break from the house. Either that or he really was scared I would eat all the cheese in the house.

I went out with my best friend Sheila on Tuesday to a comedy improv show. Oh I love comedy improv, because I get to laugh and laugh and no one looks at me funny. I think I burnt some calories this time because the show was really funny. On Thursday, I went to an after work event with some gals from the bank. It was in the penthouse of this swanky hotel in Midtown. The hors d'oeuvres were simply wonderful. All the other admins were going ga-ga for the booze, but I just couldn't put those crab cakes down. After work events are fun, especially when it's free!

Friday was my good friend Noelle's birthday party at this awesome upscale burger joint called "Rare" at E. 37th and Lexington. After which, my other friends Mia and Stephanie were performing a play in the West Village. I wish I could have seen the show, but I had the worse time finding a taxi! Who knew it was impossible for a pregnant lady to catch a cab in midtown east ?! Ugh! I waited for 30 minutes and no one would pick me up! There were some cabs available, but every time I got close some person would grab it before me! Arggg! I was so mad! I'm pregnant for goodness sake. Have some sympathy for me you crazy New Yorkers! You'd be surprised, but most people in the city don't care if you're pregnant. They'll still run you down on the streets. It's tough town for a preggie lady. By 8:00 PM, I knew I had missed the show, so I caught the train home and played Monopoly on Wii until I passed out at 11:00 PM.

Saturday was the best day ever! I hung out with my friend Cara for a day at the opera! I love opera! Her super cool beau is an opera singer and we saw him perform in "Turendot" at The MET. One word for you: AWESOME! After which he invited us back to his super cool pad for a gourmet dinner. He's an amazing cook! The guy seriously needs to be on The Food Network. I never met a man who can bake a cake as good as my momma. No joke! I kept telling him that I want him to be friends with Henry. This guy could be a good influence on my baby. He can teach him how to sing, stuff salmon and make chocolate cake good enough to smack yo' momma! Yes, I must set up that play date.

Sunday was a chill day though. Henry and I spent some well deserved time together before the week starts all over again for us. I didn't get the chance to hang out with all my friends this week, because I just don't have the energy since Nubby came to town. But it's cool. They know I miss and love them. And they're always welcome to visit this suburban house mouse in New Jersey . . . granted they be sure to bring some cheese along for the journey.

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