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Week 28
~ The Loving Mommy


It's week 28 and I'm officially seven months pregnant and in my third trimester! Hot Dog!!!! 12 more weeks and Henry and I will have a cute cuddly baby to love and cherish. I can't wait to meet my baby, but I'll be honest. I'm a little nervous . . .

I'm worried about what type of kid I'll get and if I'll even like her. I mean of course I'll LOVE her because she's mine, but love and like are two different emotions. You can love someone forever, but really not like them very much. I had a long conversation with the phone nurse (Sally) about the chances of Nubby being colicky. What if she cries all the time? Can I handle a whiny baby all day long? I'll be honest: I don't like loud noises. And it irritates me when babies cry on planes. Does this mean I could end up not liking my first born cause she might be annoying???? Oh man . . . I don't feel like such a good mom anymore. I feel really guilty in fact. Nurse Sally told me not to worry. She's said you can't predict what kind of baby you'll get. Sometimes they cry because the formula is all wrong or maybe they have a little gas. It's hard to tell.

I guess she's right, but I still feel guilty. I wonder if I was annoying as a baby. I was the first born in my family and my mom didn't know what to expect either. I can't imagine ever hurting Nubby for crying, but I do imagine myself not being happy with her all the time. And I feel real bad about that because I'm supposed to be "The Loving Mommy." Like Donna Reed or Carol Brady. How many other preggie moms out there feel this way about meeting their little ones for the first time? I would love to hear your thoughts. Email me about it!

I guess there's no point in worrying about it now. After all, I'm already pregnant and so far it's been a very healthy pregnancy with no complications. She's coming out no matter what and I'll have to be prepared come rain or shine. I'll hope for shine, but if it's a tad bit of overcast, I can handle that too. I ought to at least practice, right? Maybe stick myself in a room full of crying babies in the church nursery or something. Ughhhh! I mean it when I say . . . I really don't like loud noises.

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