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Week 29
~ A Crib or a Check to Chase Bank


It's Week 29 and the holiday season is in full swing in New Jersey. Thanksgiving is just next week and Henry and I are prepping like mad to host our first Thanksgiving dinner! Our last apartment in Brooklyn was so small even the mice refused to live there. Now we have a bigger place and are totally ready to share my mom's solid gold soul food recipes with our friends. One little problem: we're broke. Really broke. In fact, we're so poor we can't afford the "r" so we're just po'. We have a ton of medical bills for the baby and we just can't seem to make ends meet and have groceries too. I thought I'd get some advice from Suze Orman. I hate her. You know why I hate Suze? It's because she always manages to tell you what you don't want to hear (even if it IS the truth). No one wants to hear that they suck at their finances or that you better get a second job delivering pizzas if you ever expect to buy a house. The woman does know what she's talking about so I read some of her book, "Young, Broke and Fabulous." Then I got depressed and tossed it in the trash. Don't worry, though. Henry fished it out for me.

Being pregnant and broke sucks! And reading Suze put in me in such a hormonal tizzy, I couldn't concentrate on making our situation any better. I just wanted to sit on my bum and eat Kit Kat bars all day - which I can't afford, so that pissed me off too! The medical bills are starting to pile in and my desk is filled with bills and responsibilities. We've made a plan to clear our credit card debt, but what to do about everyone else who wants to get paid?? Every paycheck feels like we're stealing from Peter to pay Paul. Our situation isn't uncommon. Millions of Americans are going through the same struggles. It's sad, but true. Henry and I want the best for our baby. We don't want tons of material items, but a crib would be nice. I'm being very honest, but I don't know how we're going to afford even that basic necessity. It's either a crib or a check to Weil Cornell Medical. I'm grateful though. At least we have health insurance to cover the majority of the expenses. It could certainly be worse, but trust me even with insurance, it's still very pricey to have a baby. We decided to forego Lamaze classes. The crazy nurse wanted $380 for three classes! THREE CLASSES! QUE?????? I know! So expensive . . . Who wants to learn how to breathe for $380 anyway?! I'd rather have an epidural! So long as it's free . . . And trust me - at this stage of the game, I'm certainly going to ask before they stick me!

I finally broke down in a mess of tears after a creditor refused to work with me to pay down a bill. So Henry stepped in. He spoke to the creditor and worked out a repayment plan. Then we worked together to reorganize all the bills and removed them from my desk to our storage closet. We decided to pull them out only when it's time to pay someone and keep them in the closet otherwise. Out of sight - out of mind. I'm so grateful for him. I was trying to handle it all, but what I really needed was for my husband to take some of the burden off me during this emotional time. It doesn't make it any easier to pay those bills, but at least I've got someone to share in the ups and downs with. For better or for worse - we're in this together. I'm starting to feel better already.

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