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Week 32
~ Babymoon


It's Week 32 and I'm officially eight months pregnant! I love it when I hit a milestone. I want to celebrate with two things. One Kit-Kat Bar and a vacation to Paris! Hmmm . . . can't quite afford the vacation to Paris. Oh well, I'll take the Kit-Kat Bar.

Henry and I have been giving a lot of thought to taking a small vacation together before Nubby arrives. Kind of like our last 'hoorah' before it's all about Nubby, diapers, and more spit up than a desert camel. I thought it might be romantic to take a vacation to Niagara Falls. Since Henry is from Africa, he hasn't seen many of our American natural wonders. Niagara Falls is one of my favorite places. Mommy took us plenty of times as children and I would love to share that with Henry. One problem: it's six dang-on hours away! I can't sit in a car with Henry for six hours. Pregnant or not! He'd drive me so stir crazy, I'd kick his butt off the Falls upon arrival. And then I'd be a widow . . . so no we can't see Niagara this year.

Henry thought Atlantic City might be fun and it's only two hours away. We can handle two hours. If we have some extra money, we can drive down on New Year's Eve and spend two nights. It will be nice to get away together. I was reading on a website how parents-to-be call it "A Babymoon." Some Babymoons are really lavish. One couple treated their Babymoon like their Honeymoon and went to an expensive island near Fiji. Wow! Must have money to spare, I guess. I suppose if worse comes to worse and we only have the bare minimum, Henry and I can take a Babymoon to the All-You-Can-Eat Chinese Buffet and throw down on some crab legs. Hmm . . . that sounds better than Atlantic City right now. LOL! We'll see if Atlantic City has the goods.


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