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Week 33
~ Chunky Butt Has Left the Building


It's Week 33 and I'm officially grounded. My blood pressure is high and I'm gaining weight faster than an elephant on steroids. I got worried when my feet puff up to the size of tree trunks. Now they won't go back to normal. (SCREAM!) Dr. Medicine Woman justly read me the riot act. She asked what I was eating and I stupidly told the truth: too many carbs and one too many Kit-Kat bars. That set her off. I told her it wasn't my fault since they put too much crack in the darn things! I'm addicted to them. I crave them at all hours of the night. "What was I supposed to do," I exclaimed. "Just say no," she replied. "No more Kit-Kat Bars and cut out all those bad carbs." She's totally right of course. I was doing really well for about seven days. I did give up soda . . . sort of. Henry and I went to Pizza Hut on Friday for a well deserved date out. We had a good coupon for pizza and drinks. So yeah . . . I drank some soda.

Since I've been pregnant, I've gain a total of 36 pounds. That's a lot of weight if you're already heavy to begin with. I understand it. I totally get it, but it's hard to say no when every fiber of your being is saying YES! It says, "It's okay to eat just one Kit-Kat Bar. It's not going to kill you or anything. Besides you'll burn it off so fast. Go ahead and eat it!" But it's not true. I'm not burning it off. In fact, I'm convinced if I walk past a Dunkin' Donuts, the smells alone will add chunk to my butt.

So this week, I really have been good. Honest, I have! It's more expensive, but I've been eating salads at work with beans, eggs and oil/vinegar dressing. It's more protein than I like, but I need the extra energy since I cut much of my carb intake. I still eat rice, but my portion sizes have been closer to Kate Moss size rather than that fat guy in the Austin Powers movies. And no bad sugar . . . yet. No Kit-Kat Bars and no Apple Juice. I do like my cereal in the morning so I will not cut that! But I did cut my classic glass of orange juice down from one large glass to 4 oz. It's probably not enough changes for me to lose weight, but that's good since my goal is to not lose it, but to not gain it as fast. I've said this before on my blog about diet and fitness. And yes, I've promised to ride the straight talk express and do good for my body, but honestly, it's not easy. I'm tempted every day to eat hamburgers and french fries, and tons of food that's horrible for me. Velveeta Shells N' Cheese is the worst food ANYBODY could ever eat. It's so full of sodium, the iodine salt runs away from it. But only when I'm pregnant, do I crave it and baked beans . . . mixed together. Go figure!

I'm truly not a fan of eating like a birdy since I was a plus size beauty queen before all this started, but I am a fan of taking care of what's special to me: namely Nubby. So for now, I've made some small changes that hopefully will make a difference and I'm counting on you, loyal readers, to hold me accountable! So here's to our partnership. May you hold me accountable for every calorie I ingest! Oh boy . . . Dang it! My boss next to me has a Snapple. Oooo it's so cold and refreshing . . . Normally I don't like Snapple, but I want his right now. I hear you, loyal reader. "Don't do it, Michelle. Think of Nubby." And yes, I am headed for the water cooler right now and do solemnly promise NOT to stop at the vending machine on the way.

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