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Week 34
~ Faith is an awesome trip on Santa's sleigh


Merry Christmas! It's Week 34 and you'd all be so proud of me. I've been such a good girl with my healthy eating. Even through the holiday season when Starbuck's Vanilla Crème Hot Drinks call my name, I haven't budged. Henry and I went to the local Chinese Buffet and still . . . I was a good girl. Nothing but veggies, salad, crab legs (which have a lot of natural sodium so I took it easy on those) and water. I've been drinking tons and tons of water and yes, my friends, NO KIT-KAT bars. I just hope it's enough to keep my weight down. I'm nervous to get on the scale. It seems like just dreaming about chocolate sundaes makes me gain weight. We'll see how well I can do next week at my doctor's appointment. The good thing is that I've noticed my feet look somewhat normal. They're still a little puffy, but my ankles look normal. That's got to be a good sign.

This week is Christmas and Henry and I saved enough money to buy Nubby a crib! Isn't that awesome??! I feel like the Lord has blessed us in our savings. We found a beautiful used crib on craigslist. The seller family was very kind and even gave us a toddler bed for super cheap as well. Plus the mother threw in a free pink bedding set when she found out Nubby is a girl. We even had enough money to get a really nice used dresser from another family off craigslist. How awesome is that?! Henry and I have been praying and praying about our finances. We didn't make as much money this year as last, but God hasn't forgotten us. HE has made a way out of no way and we are so grateful. We still need a bunch more stuff, but I have faith that all will work out.

This Christmas, I hope and pray, YOU - my favorite readers, get all you need for the holidays. Merry Christmas and see you next week!

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