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Week 35
~ A Discreet Discussion


It's week 35 and OMG! We've got five weeks till our Nubby comes a calling. Five weeks and Henry and I can kiss our freedom goodbye. No more coming/going as we please and no more movie nights without a babysitter! It's the old ball-and-chain of parenthood for us. And frankly, I say, bring it on! We're embracing our future with open arms and know that even in the ups and downs of parenthood, Henry and I have each other and our faith to keep the Devil at bay! Oooo! Look at me! I'm getting all "churchie" on you all! Just super stoked for Nubby to come.

My doctor's appointment went really well! I'm proud to announce that I haven't gained any extra weight! WooHOO!!! Awesome, right?! My "good girl" eating habits have paid off, plus my blood pressure is normal. NORMAL! NORMAL! Hooray!!! Now I just have to keep up my good habits and keep the eating to a minimum. I know I can do it. Plus it's good practice for after Nubby comes and I can work on getting back into my favorite size 20 jeans.

My last appointment did get me thinking about something though. For this, I need to forewarn my readers. I'm going to discuss something that might be gross to some and obscene to others. I apologize in advance, but I promise to be as respectful and discrete as possible. Here we go. I've never had a baby. This everyone knows. I've never been a patient in the hospital either. I'm not sure how I feel about having a "traditional" birth with tons of people in the room. Silly, I know, but I'm nervous about it. The closest I've ever been "exposed" is at my once a year GYN appointments. It's usually my FEMALE doctor and a FEMALE nurse present. When Nubby comes there will probably be MEN in the room. Eeeeewww BOYS! I don't want everyone to see my "yahoo". I feel a tiny bit self-conscious. Maybe I should Nair or Brazilian wax before the birth. I asked my doctor who would be in the room. She says Henry, a nurse, a resident, the epidural person (maybe), and some other medical professionals to observe and take care of Nubby after the birth. Oh man . . . you can't tell me that all those peeps will be chicks! No way. Someone is going to be a dude in addition to my husband. Doctor Medicine Woman says once labor begins I won't care who sees it. I hope she's right. Just in case, I'm going to make sure "my girl" looks presentable. My mom says to just make sure I wear clean underwear, but I've got to do more. Plus I don't want Nubby to hit a snag on the way into the world. Gotta make sure everything is in order (if you get my drift). Any other women out there feel this way? Let me know over email. As always, your secret is safe with me.

Happy New Year!

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