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Week 37
~ No really . . . THREE STROLLERS!


It's week 37 and it's all about blessings! My BFF, Sheila, gave me a baby shower on Saturday. My friends showed up and we had a blast! Sheila decorated her Brooklyn apartment to look like Chuck E Cheese. No plastic balls, but tons of coloring books and even some cartoons playing on the television. My friends came over and were so generous… God is amazing! They brought Nubby clothes and such useful gifts. I don't have a huge group of friends so I wasn't expecting much at all. I was amazed by their generosity.

We got a stroller from my boss at work and at the shower, my good friend Dragomira, got us one too!!! TWO STROLLERS! Wow!!! We took it back to Wal-Mart and exchanged it for a car seat and a few other useful items we needed. THANK YOU, JESUS! And you'll never believe this, but my cousin who lives in the area dropped off a gift the very next day. Guess what it was??? No, really, just guess??? Yes! You're right! It was another stroller! THREE STROLLERS! Remember when I was so sad a few months back about debt and scared Henry and I wouldn't be able to get a stroller for our baby? Well GOD provided and our people came through for us! We got a total of THREE STROLLERS! We sent it back for more useful items for the baby like a sterilizer, bottles, drying rack and soft spoons. And we still have a credit left over! So now, my friends, Nubby is set and we are ready for her to make a grand entrance!

God is so good and HE has blessed us with so much over the last few months of my pregnancy. We went from nothing to everything and I'm overwhelmed at the generosity of everyone's help on this journey. So although I'm still bummed about grad school and maybe everything isn't as clear in my life as I would like, at least God has provided for my Nubby. Through the help of friends and family, HE has given her a good start at life. We're truly blessed. My friends, I hope GOD is making miracles happen in your lives. And in the words of the great philosopher, BONO from U2:

"What you don't have, you don't need it now.
But what you don't know, you can feel it somehow."
- Beautiful Day

The worries of today will resolve themselves tomorrow or in our case, THREE STROLLERS from now. Trust it! Believe it! Live it! My soapbox has left the building.

Many Blessings,

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