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Michele's Pregnancy Journal
family StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Michele's pregnancy journal.

Michele (27) has a precious son, Cody (7). She and her husband, Justin (26) were very excited to be expecting their first baby. Milo was born nine days overdue on November 4, 2010, weighing 7 lbs 3 oz and 19 inches.

Join Michele as she shares her second pregnancy with us week by week.

Michele's Journal Entries

Meet Michele

Week 17
Morning Sickness Deja Vous?

Week 18
Things that Go Thump in the Morning

Week 19
Ultrasound Says...

Week 20
Finally Halfway!

Week 21
Getting Rounder

Week 22
The Brown Line's Back...

Week 23
Squirmy Baby!

Week 24
From Hospitals to Hiccups

Week 25
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Weeks 26 & 27
A Third Trimester Beach Adventure

Week 28

Week 29
The Rh Factor

Week 30
Three Quarters of the Way There

Week 31
Frustrations with Doctors and Baby Showers

Weeks 32 & 33
Bigger and Bigger and Bigger

Week 34
Mathematics Lesson

Week 35
Are We Having a Preemie?

Week 36
2 cm + 40% effaced

Weeks 37/38
Labor or not Labor?

Weeks 39 & 40
Hopefully an End in Sight?

Week 41

Birth Story
The moment we'd all been waiting for

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