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Week 17
~ Morning Sickness Deja Vous?

Hi friends!

17 weeksI'm figuring that since this is my first actual entry, I should do some catch-up to get you up to speed. I am 17 weeks pregnant now. We've been calling our little one "Baby T" since we don't know what it is yet and I hate referring to the baby as an "it." Our big ultrasound is scheduled for June 7, so hopefully by my 19 week entry I should have a gender and a name for you.

My first pregnancy with Cody (which started nearly 8 years ago -- time flies!) was so easy and uneventful that this pregnancy was a huge shock. I realize that no pregnancies are created equal, but holy cow. While I didn't spend my first trimester puking like so many others do, I definitely spent it on my back in bed -- exhausted and constantly nauseated. I had gained a LOT of weight - 12 pounds - but it turns out my thyroid is like, WAAAAY off. That explains that. I suffered from hyperthyroidism until I was 19, when they decided to burn my thyroid out, which caused me to go the other way and develop hypothyroidism. It hasn't been much of a problem; I just have to take synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of my life to make up for what my body doesn't make itself. At any rate, TSH is what your pituitary gland releases when there's not enough thyroid hormone in your body. A normal TSH range is 0.3 to 3.0 and mine was coming in at 23.0 - ouch! That's abnormally high; therefore they've bumped up my thyroid hormone consumption to 200 mcg/day up from the 150 mcg I was taking before. I've been on my new dose for about 2 weeks now and I'm down 2 pounds. Wouldn't it be nice if THAT trend continued?

I had felt much better for a few weeks, but now the morning/afternoon sickness is back. Except now I AM throwing up... if I gag. Brushing my teeth has become a challenge, to say the least. I have to completely steer clear of my tongue. The last few days I have been so nauseated I can barely get out of bed. And I thought this was my second trimester... what happened to the "magical threshold"?? I'm going to go munch on some more pretzels...


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