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Week 18
~ Things that Go Thump in the Morning

Hi friends!

. . . Because if they're going bump in the night, I am so completely passed out that I am missing it.

But Baby T is becoming quite the little thumper. He/she thumps and bumps around in there a LOT. I am 18 weeks today by the 11-week ultrasound tech's best guess, although if I go by my ovulation date I am really 19 weeks. I guess we'll go with hers since that's what's on my medical chart. But I didn't think I'd be feeling such big movements yet.

Last Wednesday, on my 17-week day, I felt the baby roll over. I put my hand on my belly and was rewarded with a huge kick in the palm of my hand. This astounded me, since I don't remember feeling Cody's kicks on my hand until I was 20 weeks, and I was a much thinner girl then. I continued to feel it all week (Baby won't do it for Daddy, though) and by yesterday I could see the baby's kicks popping my belly out in places if I laid very still on my back with my shirt up. Now, I know people who are as pregnant as I am and haven't even felt what they could classify as movement instead of gas yet. And here I can actually physically see Baby T kicking my belly out? Bizarre. I feel it all -- flips, rolls, shudders, stretches, punches, kicks -- you name it.

At any rate, it's just five days until we find out of we have a Haedyn or a Milo in there. I may have talked Justin into using Milo as the baby's given name if he's a boy, instead of using Emile. I love Emile, I just love Milo more. Cody has put in his own request for a boy's name: Jonny Quest Tillotson. I mean, if we're going that route, I think I prefer Race Bannon or Benton Quest...


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