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Week 19
~ Ultrasound Says...

Hi friends!

ultrasoundWell, well, well. The ultrasound week finally arrived.

Of course, we wanted to know baby's gender. I am not a patient person.

We waited for about three decades (plus or minus a year or two) in the waiting room while I crossed my legs and squeezed them shut. Can I just take a quick opportunity here to ask why they make pregnant women wait so long to be seen? You know we've just drank a gallon of water in the car on the way so we can provide you with your required cup o' pee every visit... but I digress. We were finally called back and I made a beeline for that bathroom. After gracing the nurses with my golden specimen, we headed on down to that magical dark room where they tell you what you've been growing for the last four and a half months. It was great getting to have Justin with me for this ultrasound. I missed out on having daddy present with my first baby!

We told the tech we wanted to know the sex but wanted to guess it ourselves. I should mention here that I have this strange uncanny knack for reading ultrasounds. I'm thinking a career in the field seems very promising for me. We weren't 15 seconds into the ultrasound when she moved the wand over a spot and I got a (really) quick glance between baby's legs. I screamed, "Is that a BOY?!" She'd lost the picture but eventually found it again, freezing the screen and asking my husband to take a guess. He stared blankly for awhile before he finally said, "I... have no idea what I'm even looking at."

She placed her pointer tool right in the middle and began typing. The letters BOY appeared on the screen (and I cried -- it's just what I do these days).

Everything else looked great. She determined by his size that I was 19w1d instead of the 18w based on my last period (note that I ovulated the day after my period ended... it was extremely and unusually early) and the 18w5d based on my 11-week ultrasound. So, hey, I'll take a couple of days! My NEW official due date is 10/31 (it was originally 11/6 but was moved to 11/3). The little guy is due on Halloween!

So with all that said, I am pleased to introduce Mr. Milo Gardner Tillotson.

Gardner was Justin's late dad's middle name, and his dad's middle name, which was originally his mother's (Justin's great grandmother) maiden name. Milo will be the sixth boy in the family to have Gardner as a middle name.

I feel like it's also important to mention that I had a miniature breakdown around 10 pm. I had a lot of emotional overload in my system today, plus I was hoping (ok, really hoping) for a girl. Both Cody and Justin were also disappointed in the prognosis (but thrilled as well). I spent the entire day trying to wrap my head around the idea of having two sons, for a total of three boys in the house. Not once in my imagining the baby in our lives did I actually picture a boy -- logically, it was a girl. The realization that a boy was on the way changed my whole outlook and perspective, and by tonight it was sinking in and it just... didn't sink very well. I am ecstatic and also sad, as I was really looking forward to buying some dollhouse furniture and spending hours on the floor showing a daughter all of my old Barbies. But tomorrow's a new day, and Milo is going to have the pleasure of a big brother who already owns LOTS of Matchbox cars...

I can't WAIT to meet my new son.
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