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Week 20
~ Finally Halfway!

Hello, faithful readers!

I am finally 20 weeks pregnant. I was beginning to think that day would never come. If this labor and delivery goes anything like my first one, then I was technically halfway a week ago at 19 weeks. We'll see come October, I guess!

It's been a wild ride of an emotional yo-yo this week. First, it literally took me a couple of days to get over the sex of the baby. I couldn't figure out just why I was having such a hard time with Milo being a boy -- I mean, I have one already, and I adore him. I love having a boy!

I finally figured it out, though. I had already named the baby Haedyn and given "her" a personality in my head. I'd picked out fabric for her crib bedding, bought her some clothes, pictured her in my mind and imagined she and I playing with the dollhouse my grandfather built me many years ago.

But "she" never existed.

When I found out that the baby was a boy, it wasn't so much that I was disappointed that he was -- it was just that I had been so sure the baby was a girl, that I had created her and built her up in my mind, and I felt like I had literally lost a baby when I heard the news. Like I had been growing a little girl who had died, and she'd been somehow replaced with a boy.

Once I realized that, I was able to move past it. It seems a little ridiculous I know, but maybe not to someone who's pregnant (is anything really ridiculous to a pregnant woman anymore? We're known for being slightly irrational, after all!). I pulled out a bunch of infant-through-age-three pictures of Cody, and by the time I got through all of them, I was completely psyched about the idea of having another boy in the house. I mean, a house full of boys?! That makes ME the princess! And, I don't have to share my husband with another woman (at least, not this go-round).

In other news, we bought a very gently-used jogging stroller from a friend this week. I also got all of Cody's infant clothes (0-12 months) out of their Tupperware boxes and washed them all in Dreft and hung and folded them all. My parents are buying Cody a new dresser from IKEA this week, and Milo will get Cody's practically new dresser and bookcase so I can put all of his clothes and board books in it and get them out of the crib where they're currently taking up residence. I picked out fabric and paint colors for his room and made his curtains already. The crib bumpers and dust ruffle will be next. My mom and I also looked at upholstery fabrics because I'm going to recover the used glider Justin and I bought off craigslist. I love projects!

As for symptoms, things are going well. My boobs are really starting to ache again. Not like they did in my first trimester, mind you, but enough for it to be notable here. I've been experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions lately (in fact, several an hour all day today) and trying to get down my 12+ glasses of required water a day (really, who can DO that?? I struggle to get down 8!). And constipation? I am happy to say I have not experienced it at all in this pregnancy -- quite the opposite, actually. I'm lucky if I can get away with only going twice a day, instead of my usual three or four. Sometimes I WISH I was constipated, just for one whole day! Between that and the near-constant peeing, sometimes I feel like I live in my bathroom. Sleeping is getting pretty uncomfortable. I've been putting a pillow between my knees for months and a friend is giving me her pregnancy wedge this week for under my belly. I don't think I have ever been so excited to receive a pillow in my life!

Carry on, mommas! Until next week...
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