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Week 22
~ The Brown Line's Back...

I am 22 weeks down with 18 (or maybe 16? A girl can hope, right?) to go. Just about four months left!

This week I really started noticing that my "brown line" is back. While the bottom half of it (the half that connected my belly button to my pelvis) never went away in the seven years since I delivered Cody, the top half disappeared after I had him. It's coming back! It's still faint, but it's definitely there. Pregnancy always makes me realize how very off-center my belly button really is, too. I blame my mom for that. Ha! Speaking of belly buttons, I have a strange one. It's the deepest "innie" I've ever seen. It didn't pop out in my last pregnancy, but rather stretched until it was little more than a small indentation on my belly where a button used to be. In essence, it just completely disappeared! It's getting shallower by the day, now. I'm sure the same thing will happen this time around. While my pregnant friends' buttons are all popping out, mine is just going away. So weird!

I have my 23-week appointment next week, with my old doctor. I much prefer him to the OB I have been seeing in the practice since I've been pregnant. My practice has a host of midwives as well, and hopefully for my 27/28-week appointment I'll get to start seeing them in their rotation. I delivered with a midwife with my first son and it made things so much easier! It feels good to have someone in your "court" during the very business-like hospital birthing experience that it can sometimes be. At that next appointment (the 27 or 28 week) they are going to be doing another ultrasound. When we had our big U/S three weeks ago, they noticed that I have a slightly low-lying placenta. The very tip was over my cervix. Right now it's not a problem, as long as it moves up by about 2 cm. If it hasn't moved, they are going to keep an eye on it for the rest of my pregnancy, and if it still doesn't move, I will need a c-section. We are praying against that, though! I really wanted to try to go natural, which obviously includes a vaginal delivery.

A funny story about my pregnancy brain that I'd like to share, that I posted on my personal blog this week:

"I was making dinner an hour or so ago. It was one of those quickie dinners I have been making lately (breaded chicken cutlets, a boxed Zatarain's cheesy broccoli rice mix, and leftover veggies from last night) and I was stirring the rice at the halfway-through-cooking point. I finished stirring it up, put the lid back on it, and popped it back into the microwave for the last ten minutes. When it was done, I pulled it back out and looked for the spoon, which had been sitting on the counter. I could not find it. I was very puzzled. It wasn't in the sink. It wasn't in the dishwasher. My family was looking at me like I'd lost my mind while I searched for that spoon. Completely perplexed, I got another spoon out of the drawer and began to stir the rice, when I found it . . . cooked into the rice."

Hope the rest of you aren't as scatterbrained as I have been lately! See you next week.

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