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Week 23
~ Squirmy Baby!

23 weeksWell, this week and last have been quite a frenzy! I got the opportunity to go to the beach for a few days with a girlfriend of mine, and since my son, Cody, was staying with his father for the week, and Milo is quite obviously as low-maintenance as he can be, I left my husband some reheatable dinners and took off!

I am 23 weeks pregnant at this time (actually, close to 24 with the delay on this entry). My doctor's appointment went well this week. We found out Justin has a positive blood type and I since I have the Rh factor, I'll need a shot of Rhogam at my next visit and with every subsequent pregnancy from here on out. I needed it with my first son, as well. This shot is no fun, folks. It's enormous and you get it in the back of your hip. In addition to the shot, I'll be doing my awful glucose test with Glucola next time, and also getting that ultrasound (possibly vaginally) to check on my placenta. My husband joked that if they could find one more hole in me to stick something in, that I could probably pick up satellite radio. And my appointment is on by birthday -- UGH! What a way to spend my 28th.

streaksMilo is very difficult when it comes to monitoring at the doctor. He seems to have his days and nights correct, so he sleeps all night while I do and kicks all day with small, intermittent naps. But when we go in for ultrasounds or doppler heart checks, he squiggles away and refuses to be looked at or listened to. The nurse absolutely could NOT find his heartbeat this month! All we heard was huge thumps where he was kicking at the wand she was using. I thought he was going to knock her hand right off of me! He kept wiggling further and further down until he was impossible to check. I'm convinced he's dropped already. He routinely kicks me straight down, right in my cervix! And my belly starts as low as a belly can possibly start -- literally right above my girl parts.

On a more fun note, another friend of mine colored my hair last night and put fuschia and violet streaks into it. At least I'll look good while I'm being poked and prodded in 4 weeks . . .


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