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Week 24
~ From Hospitals to Hiccups

24 weeksHi Everyone!

I am 24 (and a half) weeks pregnant now. Just about at the 6-month mark. Despite the heat and not feeling 100% lately, this pregnancy is really flying by.

We took our hospital tour on Sunday. About two moms besides us had their kids with them, but Cody was the oldest big sibling there. One mom-to-be looked to be about 19 or 20 and she was with her own mom, and looked so scared. I couldn't ever get near her or think of a graceful way to bring it up, but I wanted so badly to talk to her. I wanted to tell her that it will all work out -- that seven years ago I was in her position -- touring the hospital and taking childbirth classes with my own mom as well. That there was no reason to be scared. But, I never got the opportunity. I really hope I run into her again.

We're scheduled for a Childbirth Refresher course (mostly for Justin's sake), a Sibling Tour (the kids get a special hat that says Big Brother or Big Sister, and if they bring a teddy bear they get to learn how to diaper a baby), and a Daddy Boot Camp class taught by "veteran" dads. Justin's excited about that one. I actually need to try to reschedule our refresher course -- it's scheduled the same night as a Jonny Lang concert that someone bought us both tickets to for our birthdays (they are only a few weeks apart).

Since most of the moms and dads were first-timers, I could tell they had no idea what to ask or expect. Most looked nervous. Our nurse was very knowledgeable and I ended up asking her a slew of questions... a lot of them for everyone else's benefit. Many were out of my own curiosity, and some were things I wanted to know for my own birth plan (are episiotomies standard procedure, how long after a natural water break at home can we safely wait before Pitocin is introduced, can we labor in the jacuzzis, can dads spend nights in the rooms with us, etc) but I was glad I asked just so everyone else could hear too. I'm still happy with the hospital. Cody was born there. I actually pointed out a framed photo of his delivering midwife in the hallway, and told him she was the one who "got him out." He thought that was pretty cool.

nurseryLast week, I was checking emails at the computer first thing after I got up -- and I do mean first thing. I hadn't even put a shirt on yet. I was reading and felt a couple of drops on my leg and looked up in a panic, thinking there was a leak in the ceiling. I stared and stared, and felt a few more drops but couldn't see where they were coming from. Once I finally looked down, I realized it was ME leaking! My right nipple was dripping all over me! Justin got a huge kick out of that when I told him. I let him think it was the ceiling for a minute before I told him it was me. He keeps teasing me about it, now. I told him he'd better watch his back, or he'll get an unexpected squirt in the face when my REAL milk comes in.

cribAnother noteworthy event is that Milo got his first case of hiccups last night -- or at least the first I could identify and document, anyway. Justin and I were watching a movie and I kept feeling him kick (or something) in the same two spots in my lower abdomen. I often feel him in two or more spots at once now. He's getting so big he hits me all over when he moves. Anyway, I kept feeling him in the same two spots, and he kept it up in a perfect rhythm for about five minutes, while I wondered how he could keep such a perfect beat, until it hit me that he had the hiccups. He had them for about an hour. I giggled every time he did it!

bumpersOne more story for the week: we got Milo's room painted! Two walls are a deep cyan (that's aqua for all you non-designers out there) blue and the others are a grassy green. I bought a giant leaf canopy from IKEA to put over his crib (out of his reach, of course) and I sew, so I've been making his bedding and everything in his room. His bumpers, curtains, and the glider pillow are done. I still have to recover the glider, get the leaf hung, and other small touches around his room (including getting some matching sheets). I've been busy churning out baby swaddlers for Milo, gifts for other new moms, and my Etsy store. I'm thinking of making contoured burpies and putting them in my store too. Email for more info if you'd like an infant swaddler of your own, and I can give you the information for my store.

Holding steady at a 15-pound weight gain -- not too much longer to go. C'mon, next 15 weeks!

See ya'll next week.

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