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Week 25
~ The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Sometimes it lands right at the base.

I went in for some fetal monitoring today, because the tiny two-pounder in my abdomen decided to be difficult (like his mother). His movements were very limited and weak yesterday, and he wouldn't move for Justin and I last night at bedtime (normally his busiest). We were poking and prodding him, and clapping loudly and talking to him, and to no avail. I'd also had a teeny bit of spotting which is worrisome no matter how "normal" it's supposed to be during any given stage of pregnancy, and so when I woke up this morning I tried to get him to move again. Nothing. Just some hiccups, but all the websites tell you that hiccups don't "count" as movement because it's forced -- I was looking for some voluntary movement.

By 10:50 this morning I was worried enough to call the doctor, so I did, leaving a message for the nurse who was supposed to call back within 15 minutes. Nothing. I called again 45 minutes later, left another message. Still nothing. Called again about an hour and 20 minutes after my first call, sounding a little more irritated that I hadn't received a call. By my fourth call at 12:30 I was downright mad. I had lined up my babysitter and was ready to head on in.

They had written down the last number of my cell phone wrong and were leaving messages for some other person.

Anyway, they told me they were sure I was fine and to head in for an NST (Non Stress Test... how can they call it a NON stress test when I hadn't felt my baby move all day?! For crying out loud, I was stressed!!)

NSTAs it turns out, Milo had gotten himself all turned around and was going Rocky Balboa on my placenta. So of course, I couldn't feel a thing. Naturally I felt his hiccups because it shakes his whole body, but when he's facing posterior and using my placenta as a punching bag, I can't feel his movements. He barely stopped moving during our entire 30-minute test and I felt maybe 10% of the movement. His heart rate looked great -- he holds steady at right around 150, which is where his rate has been my entire pregnancy (except for the beginning, when he was the size of a pea).

My doctor then did an internal exam and found that my cervix is still tightly closed (thank God) and that the spotting was indeed normal, and told me to actually expect it after, um, playtime with my husband (nothing is sacred when you're pregnant -- my whole doctor's now office knows the intimate details of my sex life).

She got a funny look on her face when she measured my fundus, though. Two weeks ago it measured just right -- at 23 weeks, as it were at the time. She scrunched up her face and said, "Is this actually the top of your uterus I'm feeling?" I told her that's where I found it too, and that I had actually felt Milo kick up that high. She kept prodding around for awhile and determined I'm measuring large. Today at 25 and a half weeks, it apparently measured the size of a 28-week uterus.

After kicking around some possibilities (I was worried that I had gestational diabetes and Milo was the size of a large snapping turtle), we determined that it's most likely amniotic fluid. Especially when I told her that I had a massive excess of fluid with Cody (he was born 5 lbs, 10 oz but they were predicting 9 lbs based on my belly size) and had a tremendous amount of fluid when he was born. She nodded and said it's likely that that's just how I grow 'em -- with lots of extra fluid. Yeah, three weeks of growth worth.

No wonder I've been waddling like a duck for two weeks now...

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