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Week 28
~ Insomnia

28 week ultrasoundHey folks!

Last week I had my glucose test, Rhogam shot, and an ultrasound along with some bloodwork to check on my thyroid again. I can only assume that I passed my glucose test since more than a week has passed with no word from my doctors. I return again in another week for my 30-week appointment. I can't believe there's so little time to go!

There isn't much to report this week, except that we have some pretty clear ultrasound shots of little Milo. He looks just like Justin's baby pictures! It also looks like he has a full head of dark hair already, which is really no surprise to me. Cody came out with a head full of black hair and some pretty well-established eyebrows already.

28 week ultrasoundEverything else is still moving along smoothly. I'm right at about a 20-pound weight gain. I hope to gain no more than 5-10 more over the next 11 weeks or so. I just read that at this point, weight gain is supposed to slow to 1/2 pound or 3/4 pound a week now instead of a whole pound. Good; I feel like I can barely maneuver my body around anymore! Our first baby shower is in two weeks. This one is being thrown by my mother-in-law, about two hours from where we live. All of Justin's family and friends live up there. A close friend is also throwing us a shower around here, in collaboration with our church on September 25th, for all of our local friends and family.

The nursery is almost completely put together. All it really needs is some wall art. I need to take some more pictures of it; Justin hung the giant leaf over the crib and it looks adorable. All of Milo's clothes are washed, hung and put away in drawers. His linens are all done now too, and I have been folding them and putting them in Sterilite drawers in Milo's closet over the last couple of days. We dug out all of Cody's old infant toys tonight as well, and put the non-battery-operated plastic ones into our bathtub and ran the jets with some dishsoap to clean them up. I still have to wipe down the rest of them. His board books are all on display in his bookcase, too.

28 week ultrasoundI'll probably start packing the hospital bag next week, with at least the bare basics -- baby clothes, onesies, burp cloths, hats. They're not getting any use in the dresser drawers; and I figure the more I get done now, the more I can nap during the day as I continue getting bigger! Sleeping has become pretty uncomfortable and I'm suffering pretty badly from pregnancy-induced insomnia. Sex is also getting challenging, to say the least. Between the leaking breasts and decreased sensitivity all-around, it's become more about my husband than about me (I don't mind though, since it's almost over -- we're just lucky if we can actually get the deed done). I'm really missing 1) good sex; 2) beer; and 3) sushi. C'mon, Halloween -- bring on this baby!


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