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Week 30
~ Three Quarters of the Way There

nurseryI am so excited to be almost done. Week 30 was a bit tiring, but it seems to be moving along quickly. I am nearly 31 weeks now. I can't help but thinking that if Milo follows in Cody's footsteps, I may only have 7 weeks to go! That's a month and a half! Sounds crazy when I word it that way. September is nearly upon us, and soon I'll be able to say "next month" when someone asks when I'm due.

Milo's nursery is really all but done. I am only lacking some wall art, which my mom is going to paint for us (she paints watercolor). I picked out five abstract animal prints of a lion, elephant, rhino, giraffe and monkey, since his nursery is jungle-themed. We put up the sun light this week, and it looks adorable. I'm also registered for his name in dark brown wooden letters to hang over his dressing table. I have a pretty good stash of cloth diapers stored up (can't wait to try my hand at that!) and a slew of disposables for the beginning when little man is too small to fit into the cloth yet.

nurseryOur pastor's wife is some kind of broker or rep that does distribution of baby products from big brands, and yesterday I went over to their house and went "shopping" in their extra samples. We wound up with a lot more toys, a play gym, seat protectors for the car, infant positioners for the carseats, and all kinds of mesh stroller and car organizers, among other things. It was nice to be able to give half of it away to my mom, for when she babysits Milo. Now she's also set on toys and such!

nurseryI'm really finding that shaving my legs is getting near-impossible. Justin has volunteered to do it for me, an offer that I think I'll be taking him up on soon. It hurts my belly to try to reach my ankles. And since my uterus is consistently measuring two weeks ahead at every visit, by now I'm measuring at almost 33 weeks. That's a big belly for a girl who's 5'2"! I think that's part of the reason why Cody was two weeks early. I measured ahead with him also (I just harbor a lot of extra amniotic fluid) and I went into labor at 38 weeks. I think I just ran out of room! I'm hoping the same thing happens this time. I've started wearing athletic bras instead of my regular underwires during the day, because the underside of the wire cuts into the top of my belly and it's massively uncomfortable. Sleeping is getting worse and worse... I just can't wait for all the discomfort to be over.

My first baby shower is tomorrow, about two hours from home, where Justin's family lives. Hopefully we get a lot of good stuff!


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