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Week 31
~ Frustrations with Doctors and Baby Showers

Well, I am sneaking up on week 32, finally. Since it's September now, I can officially say "next month!" when asked when Milo is due. Hooray!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. The frustrating thing for me about going to the doctor, is that I gave them 1/30/10 as my last period (which it was) but I ended up ovulating on day 5 of my cycle (on 2/4/10). Obviously, this was extremely early to be ovulating I know, but I did. Because of that, I got pregnant about a week and a half sooner (10 days, to be exact) than I "should" have with a 1/30 period. I conceived on 2/4/10 instead of, oh, say, about 2/14/10. Because of this, my doctor's office has my due date as 11/8/10 and they think I am only 30 weeks pregnant when I am in fact just a few days short of being 32 weeks pregnant. Apparently, the first day of your last period is the "be all end all" date DESPITE the fact that Milo CONSISTENTLY measures with my timeline rather than theirs. Case in point: at my 28 week ultrasound (28 by my count) they had me down as being 26w3d pregnant... even though Milo measured perfectly as a 28w0d baby. No one will listen to me, and it frustrates me so badly! My worry is that I may go into labor early, as I did with Cody, at 38 weeks... and my doctors will think I am 36 weeks and try to stop my labor. I'm hoping my water will break at home like it did last time. No one can send me home with ruptured membranes, that's for sure! And if it doesn't, I plan on staying home so long that by the time I go in to the hospital, they have no choice but to deliver me. Take that, doctors! Sometimes we moms know better. I think I am pretty in-tune to my own body, thank you very much!

My colostrum is really coming in, now. I can actually express it pretty easily. And God forbid I should bump into something with my chest, that just makes it squirt out! Fortunately, it only seems to leak a lot when I am not wearing a bra, so for now I'm just keeping these babies locked up!

Cotton Babies' website was having a huge sale on "imperfect" cloth diapers, so I bought three more covers, bringing my total count to six bumGenius one-size pocket diapers and six Flip covers. I need to stock up on inserts and then I should be all set. I have plenty now, but I want some hemp doublers for extra protection. I have some time on this still, since Milo probably won't fit into the cloth until he's about three months old.

Our baby shower went well. Of course, we received almost exclusively clothes (even though we requested none, please!) and only one item from our baby registries. I never did understand why people do that. People always shop registries for weddings, but when it comes to babies, no one wants to buy you the things you need and request. They insist on buying clothes or whatever THEY think you need. I'm telling you, I have more hats and bibs than I know what to do with! We didn't get any receipts with anything, but were able to take some things back to the stores they obviously came from. We got the store credits and used them to buy some things we actually needed! Really, I don't have a use for six more sleepers! How about a JJ Cole Bundleme for the car seat, instead? And for that matter, we still need the car seat!!

One last thing for this week. We found out through some research last night that I was NOT stung by a jellyfish back in July. It was a Portugese Man O' War!!! Those things mean business and they are no joke. They have been known to kill people! I was obviously really lucky, although I am checking with my doctor tomorrow about possible risks to Milo. Man O' War tentacles contain venom that's 75% as potent as a cobra's, and it enters your body. I want to make sure there was no harm done to the baby. I think the burn mark on my knee will leave a scar for life, and the tentacle marks on my leg haven't faded yet. Hopefully they will, with time.

I'll let you know how my appointment goes next week!
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