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Weeks 32 & 33
~ Bigger and Bigger and Bigger

Cody and MicheleI am 34 weeks pregnant now, so my apologies for slacking off in recent weeks. Justin and I had our one year anniversary over Labor Day weekend and things have been pretty hectic since then, with Justin working 60-hour work weeks (his company is short a person, so all the guys are having to put in extra hours to cover the loss). Last weekend we had a wedding to go to that Justin was in, so I've barely had time to sit down! I took some pictures of us before and at the wedding. Cody got to be my date since Justin was pretty consumed with groomsman duties that night. For our anniversary, we went to Asheville, NC to the Biltmore. We had 12-month passes we bought on our honeymoon that were about to expire, so we thought one last trip would be nice. I included some pictures from our trip there, too.

anniversary!I've actually had two doctors appointments since my last entry. I'm finally measuring correctly. Of course, my doctors and midwives are all still thinking Milo is measuring as a "big" baby since I'm naturally measuring 10 days ahead of what they have in my chart (see my last entry), but he's actually right on target for where I am at. Everything looks good -- I'm healthy as a horse (also as big as one) and there are no problems or complications. My last ultrasound will be in 2 weeks, to check on my placenta one last time. Hopefully, I'll get the final go-ahead for a vaginal delivery. With officially six weeks to go, we're thinking I'll probably have the baby in 3 to 4 weeks. Wouldn't it be cool to have a birthday of 10/10/10?

33 weeksI'm in the final planning stages of making all of the necessary arrangements with family driving in, who's watching Cody while we're in the hospital, and what we'll do if I go into labor while he's in school. We're really getting down to the wire, now! The nursery is truly almost done. My mom has finished the paintings she did for his room, and she had them matted and framed and will give them to us at our baby shower next weekend. I have not seen them since she finished -- I only picked out what I wanted. Someone has bought the brown letters spelling Milo's name off of our registry, so I assume we'll get those at the shower next week. I'll have Justin hang everything next Sunday. Other than that, I just need to finish recovering the glider, and I got the seat cushion done today. The footstool is covered so I just need to do the back cushion. Whew!

Kiss!I believe our church is covering the travel system. We want the Chicco one, in the color Midori. It's a bunch of really pretty greens! We really just still need the playard (also Chicco) so we have a bassinet for our room. That's pretty important.

As for me, my Braxton Hicks have slowed down (they got really bad for awhile, there!) and I'm coming down with a cold. All this worrying about everything now getting done plus all the running around is just wearing my system out. I need to cool it! I have eleven freezer meals made for after Milo comes. I'd like to have another 30 or so -- that would be 6 weeks covered, and I know people are going to help out with meals the first couple weeks anyway, which leaves 8 weeks covered postpartum. It shouldn't be hard. I made those eleven meals in just three days, spending about two hours each day in the kitchen.

Sleeping is beyond miserable, sex is getting intolerable, breathing is becoming impossible, and sometimes if I bend over I throw up because my food doesn't go all the way down anymore. Justin has to paint my toes and shave my legs at this point (don't I have a sweet husband?! He does a better job on my legs than I do!) I'm done with the pregnancy, already! I need it over soon!


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