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Week 35
~ Are We Having a Preemie?

carseatWell, on September 23, we thought we might be having a preemie. It was a false alarm, of course. I didn't realize until the next day that it had been a full moon that night -- and a particularly strong one, apparently. That gravitational pull was working it that night, and I thought Milo was on his way out!

It started around 9:30. I began having some particularly strong Braxton Hicks contractions that became more and more painful. Nothing to breathe through, mind you -- I could still walk and talk and probably sing if I'd wanted to. But they became regular, with every one exactly 4 to 5 minutes apart and lasting 60 seconds apiece. This continued until at least 11:15 pm, although by then I was completely exhausted and so I finally went to sleep, assuming that if they got worse, it would just wake me up. It occurred to me that I didn't have a hospital bag packed yet, but I was much too tired to get up and pack one.

By the next day, they'd tapered off. I haven't had any painful ones since then, just my normal old Braxton Hicks again. I am happy to report, though, that I am about 2 cm dilated by now. No, I haven't been checked internally by my doctor yet. I, er... sort of got my husband to check me. Too much information, maybe? Probably. But hey, he knows what my cervix feels like on a normal day, so we figured who better to check for dilation? The first time he checked me, on September 18, I was a centimeter dilated and somewhat effaced (how much, he can't measure of course, since he's not a doctor. But he says it's definitely thinning and feels much softer than it normally does). We pulled a true-to-size cervical dilation chart off of a natural childbirth website and he's been comparing what he feels to what the chart looks like. My mucus plus is long gone by now -- I'll spare you the details on that one By the time he checked me a couple of nights ago, I'd dilated another centimeter for a grand total of 2. He says now if he really wanted to, he could push his finger right through my cervix! (Don't worry, he's not -- he just said he could). That's exciting news for me! Dilating at home over the period of a few weeks sounds optimal -- less work I have to do later on. I am not due for 4 and a half more weeks, but my chances of going that long are slim, seeing as how I've been dilated for nearly 2 weeks already. I have heard of plenty of people walking around dilated for a month, but not too many who are dilated for 6 weeks. I give Milo two more weeks in there, tops. My prediction is for October 14, which puts him at 38 weeks gestation -- definitely "done." Crazy to think that in just two weeks, I could finally have my sprout in my arms!

We had our last baby shower on Saturday. Great turnout! I had a lot of friends come, and we got all sorts of stuff. Seven families in our church pitched in and got us the Chicco travel system we wanted. It's the Cortina KeyFit 30 in a brand-spankin-new color called Midori that is not even available in stores yet (we had the "inside track" on this one). My mother-in-law got us the Chicco Lullaby playard in the same color. The carseat is in the car, strapped in and ready to go; the playard is in our room, with the bassinet set up and ready for a little boy. We got nearly everything off our registries by now, with only small things remaining. I used one of our Babies R Us giftcards to pick up a set of monitors, and I bought a couple of playard bassinet sheets. We're down to tiny items like nasal aspirators and nail clippers by now. Really, we just need that baby!

My last ultrasound is in two days. I'll get final weight predictions, the position of my placenta, and hopefully some more 4D pictures of the sweet one's face! Until then...


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