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Week 36
~ 2 cm + 40% effaced

36 weeksWell, I went to the doctor on Thursday. I am officially 2 cm dilated and 40% effaced! I was pretty excited about that. I also requested my Group B Strep test (since I already had my pants off, I figured why not?) and because my doctor's office wasn't planning on doing the test for another two weeks. Hello, I'll be 38 weeks by then and is anybody listening to me? I had my last baby at 38 weeks! I might not even be pregnant by my next scheduled appointment on October 14! They are still having me come in every two weeks instead of once a week which I think is stupid, but no one over there believes me about being 36 weeks, since they think I'm 34. I half-expected them to put me on bedrest when they saw how much dilation and effacement progress I had already had.

My last ultrasound went well. We got a few pictures of Mr. Chubby Cheeks! They've estimated his weight at a (high) guess of 5 lbs, 9 oz. They said this is high because I have tons of amniotic fluid. This was also the case with my first baby, who they estimated to be an 8- or 9-pounder but came out 5 lbs, 10 oz (I had a lot of excess amniotic fluid then, as well). So I truly doubt that at 36 weeks gestation, I have a 5-pounder growing in there already. I'm certainly no bigger around the middle than I was last time. To be safe, I've packed several preemie-sized outfits (including his going-home outfit) in addition to 0-3 month sized outfits in my hospital bag. I'm going to be prepared, this time!

36 weeksThey couldn't get a good shot of my placenta with SOMEONE'S head in the way, so they wound up doing a vaginal ultrasound once again (I've had like four of these by now!) and got a much better look. My placenta is 2.5 cm away from the opening of my cervix -- closer than they'd like, but far enough away that the midwives and OBs are comfortable letting me labor if/until I begin bleeding, in which case they'd section me. Hopefully, that won't happen. I haven't had any bleeding or spotting, even after internal exams or sex, so they all say that's a really good sign.

I began having a couple of minor preeclampsia symptoms yesterday, so I'm keeping a close watch on that. I've sort of put myself on bedrest for the week. I swelled up extremely fast, gained about 3 pounds of water weight overnight, and began suffering from a racing pulse and feelings of anxiety and irritability. Since those are all signs of a normal pregnancy too, I won't be concerned unless I develop abdominal pain or a migraine. My mom had preeclampsia with her second pregnancy, so there's a family history on my maternal side. Everyone's keeping an eye on me, though! I had to put my wedding rings on a necklace and wear it around my neck, now. No more rings on my fat fingers!

Both my family and my in-laws will be out of town from this Wednesday through next Tuesday, so I'm on pretty "strict orders" from both my mom and MIL not to have Milo until next Wednesday at the earliest. I'll do my best to keep him in! I'll be 37 weeks on Thursday. If I can keep him in there until 38 weeks, that would be great... but he sure seems anxious to come out!

Hopefully you'll get at least one more journal entry out of me before I have to send in a birth story. At any rate, I'll keep you posted!


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