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Weeks 39 & 40
~ Hopefully an End in Sight?

I decided to combine weeks 39 and 40 even though I won't be 40 weeks for a couple more days. Man, things have gotten complicated with my doctor!

First of all, my contractions are still coming, at odd times. I'll get them pretty consistently but then they'll taper off to nothing for days. Two nights ago, on the full moon, I was up half the night with them. I'm still hoping for a natural-starting labor. I don't want to be induced and it's definitely a last resort, but I'm doubtful my labor is going to start by itself. For some reason, I just have a feeling this time that he won't come on his own. I keep hoping my water will just break so we have to go in and get this thing done! I'm getting really, really antsy about everything -- mainly because of my doctors.

When I went to my appointment two weeks ago, my OB told me that based on when I "said" I ovulated and using his little prediction wheel set to a 22-day cycle like I have, he put my actual due date at October 26th, which is tomorrow! All along, I've been going with a Halloween due date because at my 18-week ultrasound, the tech doing it said, "Well, based on his size, your new due date is October 31st!" At my 11-week ultrasound, I was told November 3rd was the date; while based on my last period, the date was first set to November 8th. Confusing much? To me, too -- in fact, I was never told after my 18-week ultrasound that November 8th was the "official" date on my chart, even though there were several other conflicting dates, and so my entire pregnancy I went along thinking that Halloween was it. It was months before anyone told me that 11/8 was the date they were going with. Now, I knew all along how inaccurate this was because I KNOW when I ovulated and I sure as heck KNOW when I got pregnant (hello, I was there for it...) but no one else at my practice seemed the least bit concerned about the TWO WEEK discrepancy between due dates on my chart.

I wasn't too concerned, because I was so convinced Milo would come on his own, in his own time, that there would be no need to harp on due dates. However, he hasn't.

If I go with the 10/26 date (the most accurate), that puts me at 40 weeks tomorrow, which means I'll be "overdue" on Wednesday. Now, this doesn't seem like too much of a problem -- except that since my practice is using 11/8 as my due date and they are unwilling to change it or listen to me, they won't induce until I am actually almost 42 weeks, granted labor hasn't started by itself.

This news is miserable.

I know plenty of women are overdue all the time, but I'm worried about several things that my doctors and midwives seem completely unconcerned with:

1) My size. I tore while spending a mere 4 minutes pushing out my 5-pound baby at 38 weeks gestation; I am extremely concerned about what may happen with a larger one.

2) My placenta. It's only 2.5 cm away from the opening of my cervix, which is a risk because he could grab it on his way out, or his head (especially as it gets larger) could knock it loose as he gets into position, which is very, very bad.

3) Meconium. I know this is less likely, but the longer he stays in, the better his chance of passing it into his amniotic fluid. Ten or twelve days overdue might not sound like a lot to some people, but I have known lots of women to deliver that late and have meconium-stained fluid.

On top of that, I'm worried that my body doesn't seem to be making any progress. I've been just one centimeter dilated for nearly SIX WEEKS now, and 40-50% effaced as well. Despite all the contractions of the last 2 and a half weeks, my body hasn't done anything else to prepare. Everyone keeps telling me, "Oh, every contraction gets you closer!" and "There's no such thing as 'false labor!'" and "You're doing most of the work right now!"

Call me a cynic, but if my body was doing "most of the work" right now, shouldn't I be like, 4 cm dilated by now? It doesn't actually appear to be doing anything...

Well, I'm really hoping there won't be a "Week 41" entry, but I won't be surprised if there is. Stay tuned...


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