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Week 41
~ Seriously?

HalloweenAlright, friends. Here is is: my last journal entry of this (neverending) pregnancy.

I thought I had wanted more babies after this, but considering the last four weeks of my life, having been in prodromal labor since the very beginning of October, I'm going to have to think long and hard about that one! I think my husband's a little bit scarred from the last month.

We never imagined I'd still be pregnant at Halloween, but we were... so we improvised a costume in a couple days. It turned out really well -- I was a cinnamon "bun in the oven" and my husband was a chef. We actually won several contests including tickets to our local Rennaissance Festival (it comes to town for a couple months every year). So here we are in costume, overdue but with good attitudes at least!

When I went to the doctor last Thursday, he was excited to tell me that I was now 2 cm/50% (up from 1 cm/40%) and that he was sure I'd go into labor by early the next week. He still wouldn't schedule an induction until the FOLLOWING week (which would put me at 42 weeks pregnant) because he was so sure I was going to "do this thing." He told me to go home, have as much sex as possible to see if those prostaglandins didn't agitate my cervix into dilating some more, and make an appointment for this week that he doubted I'd make it to. Well, Monday was the only day he was in the office this week, so I made the appointment for Monday.

In the meantime, I had a pretty rough Saturday. I was in all kinds of back pain all day -- low, constant, throbbing pain in my lower back and hips, sometimes accompanied by contractions. My whole body was emanating a copper-y smell, like pennies or blood, that I was not able to identify by googling it. I assumed maybe it meant my blood volume was rapidly increasing to prepare my body for labor and blood loss, so I took it as a good sign. I still have no idea what it was, just that a lot of people have complained about similar problems but there seems to be nothing medically about it anywhere online or on sites like WebMD. We were pretty sure we were in the early stages of labor. That night, I had a bit of a breakdown as nothing seemed to be progressing.

In the morning, I felt better but was sure that after all that, I had dilated to at the very least, 3 cm. When I went to the doctor yesterday, I took my husband for moral support and to help me make a decision regarding induction, if it were an option offered (which I doubted, judging from what my doctor had told me last week).

No. Progress.

I was still 2 cm/50% and I was nearly crushed by this news. Even my doctor seemed surprised. He made the decision to schedule an induction for this week, warning me that other "more overdue" moms would have precedence over me, and that even if we did get an induction on the schedule, I could be bumped if too many naturally laboring moms came in the night before.

We scheduled an induction for Friday morning at 6:45 a.m. The only way this possibly could not work is if we call at 5 a.m. and the hospital is full from the night before. In that case, we'd need to try to reschedule for next week. I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Wednesday as a backup in case we make it that far (oh, please God, no) which I'm hoping and praying we don't because I will be 15 days overdue by Wednesday of next week. As it is, I'll be 10 days overdue by my induction on Friday. I'm excited but am trying not to get too psyched out in case it gets canceled at the last minute. My husband is excited but says he feels just a little "cheated" that we will miss out on the surprise "a-ha!" moment of "this is really it, time to go to the hospital!" that a normal pregnancy would have. Then again, he loves surprises. I understand what he means, though. I really wish we didn't have to be induced but my body just doesn't seem to want to do this thing on its own. Still hoping baby Milo will save us the trouble and just come on his own already, but I am too afraid to wait it out past 10 days.

Well, that's all I have to report. If for some reason there is a 42 week entry, it won't be a pretty one! So, here's hoping the very next entry is a birth story. Have a great week, everyone!


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