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Nancy's Pregnancy Journal

Nancy and family StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Nancy's pregnancy journal.

Nancy and Todd have four wonderful boys. They have experienced two losses, and Nancy was diagnosed with three blood clotting disorders. This is Nancy's story of her seventh pregnancy which resulted in the birth of a healthy daughter at 39 weeks on March 18, 2008.

Nancy's Journal Entries

Meet Nancy

Week 23
Last Road Trip

Week 24
Lots of Movement

Week 25
Stomach Flu and Surgeries

Week 26
Holiday Blessings

Week 27
Onto the New Year ...

Week 28
Third Trimester

Week 29
Nice and Wonderfully Uneventful

Week 30
A Week of Anniversaries

Week 31
Doctors' Appointments = Chaos!

Week 32
Nesting Instinct?

Week 33
Chugging Along

Week 34
Wonderful NST

Week 35
SHE is coming so soon!

Week 36
How Much Snow?

Week 37
How much snow part 2?!!!

Week 38
Last OB Appointment - EVER!

Week 39
Birth Story!

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