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Week 39
~ Birth Story!

Campbell KateThe end result of all this hard work, joy, fear, love and prayer is here!!! Campbell Kate arrived March 18th. She is beautiful and has been a wonder to welcome into our family. Now a little over a week old, I am again reminded how quickly time passes. How they never get to be two days old or two weeks old or two months old EVER again and just what a miracle each passing day presents in a newborn.

Those first few days home have always been hazy for me as I imagine they are for most women bringing home a new baby. The all night nursing sessions and baby blues can push even the most laid back woman over the edge (speaking from experience perhaps?). Oh, the joy of hormones! I have to admit that my emotions and tears caught me a bit off guard this time. For whatever reason they were worse than ever before. Thankfully, I have the most supportive, wonderful, rock of a husband. He was a huge help and simply amazing through those rough couple of days. It would be an injustice to glide over this little part of delivering a baby. So, I'll put it out there . . . it's real, even for a seasoned pro but it's short lived and we all survived the crash!

So onto the birth story. I had a scheduled induction, Todd made it home from his trip, my sister arrived and baby waited. The perinatologist recommended one at 39 weeks and I was totally fine with it. I have been induced with all of my previous deliveries for various reasons and so I knew the routine. I did feel a bit sad that, with this being my last pregnancy, I would never get to experience "going into labor". You know what I'm going to say though, now that she's here it simply doesn't matter!

We got to the hospital at 6am. I got into my gown and all hooked up to the monitors. BG was all over the place and her heart rate kept falling off the strip. Then I got a miracle of an IV and I never thought I could get excited about an IV!!! I have NEVER had one placed on the first try nor had one last an entire delivery without blowing. It felt like a little gift. I kept a little journal this delivery of what happened when and now regret not doing the same for my others. I would highly recommend it because you think you'll never forget the details but you do!

They started the pitocin at 7am, at 7:23 my OB broke my water and put an internal fetal heart monitor on our wiggle worm. I was at 2 centimeters. I felt a few contractions, they had no pain to them whatsoever but I went ahead and got the epidural at 8am. Everyone assumed that since this was my fifth full term delivery that things would progress quickly. I didn't know how quickly but I was thinking probably by lunch time. However, it was steady but slow progress. I have to admit that with the epidural and the chance to finally rest I could pretty much describe the events of the day as me dozing off and on and waking up in time to push. It sounds comical but after everything we'd been through this pregnancy, boring was good!

Anyway, I was checked right before 9am and I was 2-3cm, 10:30am and I was 3-4, 11:35 and I was 4-5! I have gone really quickly before from 4 to 10 but no . . . not this time! At 12:45pm we were at 6cm, 1:45 at 7 and at 2:10 a whopping 8! My OB did a pretty vigorous exam in hopes of moving things along and sure enough about 10-15 minutes later I asked Todd to go tell the nurse it was time. She checked me and said the baby was sitting on my perineum (which weathered this journey intact!!!) and that it wouldn't take much to meet her. They prepped me and at 2:34pm after about three little pushes she was out! All seven pounds and 20 inches of our little princess. Truly, it doesn't matter how many times we've been through it, it's still this amazing, incredible experience and didn't fail to fill us with awe.

I had Todd, my mom, sister and two girlfriends in the delivery room, lots of visitors once she arrived and tons of help at home. The support of our family and friends has been overwhelming and so very much appreciated. Physically after delivery my body has felt pretty good but absolutely exhausted. I think that the several weeks of illnesses really wore me out and I didn't realize exactly how much. Now it's onto the typical new baby fatigue. Someday in the future there will be sleep again (at least that's what I keep telling myself)! Campbell so far seems to be a very content, sweet baby and gas or not . . . smiles all the time!

I know I've said it so many times but this whole pregnancy and the safe, healthy arrival of our little Campbell has left Todd and I feeling so, so blessed. Blessed to have this wonderful, beautiful family. Blessed to feel the joy of a new life after a loss. Blessed to be able to see what a gift we have been given and what a treasure our babies really are!

Thank you so much for letting me share this journey with you!

~ Nancy

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