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Nancy's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Nancy!

Nancy and familyMy name is Nancy and my husband is Todd. We have been married for over nine years and are the proud parents of four boys. Jackson is 6, Tucker is nearly 5, Cooper is 3 and Finley is almost 2. We have had two losses, one at six and a half weeks between our first two boys and one at 14 weeks prior to my current pregnancy. He was another little boy, Walker and we lost him due to complications from a very large subchorionic hemorrhage. We chose to have labor induced so we could see him, hold him and bury him. It was a very difficult experience but one that as a family we do not regret at all.

We waited almost six months after we lost Walker to try again. Under the assumption that what happened with him was a fluke, even though we had also had a subchorionic hemorrhage with Finley, we jumped head first into this pregnancy. From the start we have had issues. At about eight weeks I was diagnosed with another moderate subchorionic hemorrhage. It grew, stabilized and thankfully is now fully resolved but I truly felt like a walking time bomb. Finding out that we were again facing complications made it difficult to get excited about another baby when we weren't sure what the future held. Then at about 14 weeks I was diagnosed with placenta previa along with a small clot on the baby side of the placenta. The previa is also now resolved but the clot remains. It is inactive and hasn't been problematic so far. At about the same time the previa was discovered I was diagnosed with three blood clotting disorders, MTHFR 677, PAI-1 4G/4G and Factor XIII. It's crazy to me that I have had these clotting issues all along and they are only now being discovered and causing problems. At any rate . . . it just affirms my beliefs that all of my children are miracles and blessings from God!

I am currently over 23 weeks pregnant with our seventh baby, a GIRL, due March 22, 2008!!! This will definitely be the last baby that I ever plan on giving birth to and so I am trying to drink up every single minute and enjoy even the aches and pains. It has been a long road so far, filled with complications and anxiety but I am so grateful to be carrying yet another little miracle and happy that I get to share this experience with all of you!

~ Nancy

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