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Week 23
~ Last Road Trip

This week has been a busy one for our family. We took our last planned road trip before this baby comes and headed to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. The weather was a bit cooler than I like (very close to our Ohio weather this year) but we had a great time visiting with my in-laws, sister and the rest of the clan. The boys adore going and getting out of the routine and they traveled well so, all in all the trip was fun rather than stressful. Well, fun except for the swollen ankles and turkey weight that followed me home!

I had an OB appointment this week also. Because of my blood clotting disorders and just the general complications I've had, I have ultrasounds every four weeks. They are looking for any signs that the placenta is not doing as well as it should. This includes baby's growth, fluid levels, and watching for clots in the placenta. When I get into my third trimester I get to add NSTs to my routine (because I really don't spend enough time at the OB's office?). I say this truly in jest. I'll do anything to get this baby here fat and happy but finding a sitter to help with the boys can sometimes add undo stress. This week everything looked good. Our baby girl is measuring within a couple of days on growth, fluid was good and the clot that I do have on the placenta has pretty much stayed the same size. My weight took a jump but my urine and BP were perfect . . . funny, saying my urine was perfect but you know at this point I'll take all the good news I can get!

My big plans for the next few days are to get started on the Christmas decorations. I'm hosting a brunch for some girlfriends on December 6th and I'd like it to all be up and the house to be sparkly by then. Thankfully, I have a good start on the Christmas shopping. I adore picking out gifts for others but the crowds and cranky people kind of spoil this time of year for me so I try and avoid it. Not to mention that waddling my tired body around a mall isn't all that appealing anyway. Seriously, my body is telling me that this is it . . . it's retiring. My pubic bones are achy, my ankles are swollen, and I'm the size of a house already. I adore being pregnant, the process is truly a miracle but I'm going to be totally content with my five kiddos when this is all said and done. Maybe?

~ Nancy

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