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Week 24
~ Lots of Movement

Today is my last day in week 24 and all in all it's been rather uneventful. On the baby front I have been feeling a ton of movement the past few days! I just love it! I first felt her little flutters at 13 weeks and while there's been a definite increase in how frequently I was feeling movement, I actually had to stop and think about it with all the activity we constantly have at our house. Now it's suddenly strong enough to make me stir in the middle of the night and at times feel a little motion sick. At my early ultrasounds I got lots of comments from the techs about how active she was . . . well, she's still going strong! I have my next appointment in a week and a half and an ultrasound a week after that, on Christmas Eve. I had my first miscarriage on December 23 in 2001 and had an ultrasound to confirm that the following day, Christmas Eve. This year I'm looking forward to adding a happy ultrasound memory to that day!

Winter has definitely arrived at our house as the boys had their first snow day this week. I was hosting brunch for some girlfriends the following morning so that made getting ready a challenge but we had a good time and everything got finished except a couple of messes behind closed doors. It's actually snowing right now and while it's beautiful for a couple of days, I'm not a big fan of the inconveniences that go with it . . . like driving!

I have all of my Christmas decorations up inside including the tree (the earliest ever) and I'm very excited. It's been several years since we've put up a big tree with ornaments. Last year we were out of town and the years before that we just didn't feel like trying to keep the boys from destroying it. They're so into it this year and we're having fun right along with them. It's really neat to finally be able to have discussions with them about what we believe is the true meaning of Christmas and some of the interesting things they come up with. My shopping is almost finished too . . . HOORAY! I'm not a fan of the big, cranky crowds especially while waddling, so this is a big relief to me.

While it's not been all that exciting I'm feeling especially blessed. I have my happy house of boys to be thankful for, baby girl has reached viability and I have the most wonderful, supportive, foot rubbing husband!

~ Nancy

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