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Week 25
~ Stomach Flu and Surgeries

Well, this week has had lots activity but certainly not what you want going on this time of year! We were hit with a short lived (thank goodness) stomach virus on top of two of our kiddos having surgery. Wednesday Todd and I went to wrap presents as a service project with our small group from church and as soon as I stood up afterwards I felt nauseated. It really just felt like morning sickness, no fever or anything so I didn't think too much of it. After getting home that night and getting settled into the bed the vomiting hit. We had to leave for the hospital with the boys relatively early the next morning and I was still getting sick until I showered. It was awful and the whole next day at the hospital I felt weak and achy . . . not good. This was on top of having some sinus and sore throat stuff going on! All I can say is that I'm glad it has passed!!!

Finley had tubes put in his ears and Tucker had tubes put in and tonsils and adenoids taken out. They both did really well. Because we live more than an hour away from our Children's Hospital they put them both in a room for the night but after we were there for about eight hours and we could tell there weren't going to be any immediate complications we asked to come home. I really needed a night in my own bed! Surgery wise they have done great! Finley was running around later that night and Tucker has been recovering as expected. He is still in quite a bit of pain and pretty cranky at times but we are just keeping up with his pain medicine and hoping that he is feeling well enough to celebrate his fifth birthday which is coming up very soon. When we got home and got the other two boys back from my mom we found out Jackson had also had the stomach bug and then Finley promptly threw up. Enough already!!!

Things are status-quo pregnancy wise. I have an OB appointment coming up and am feeling the typical aches and pains and joys. I have had horrible heartburn the past couple of days and need to find something else to take. The old standby Tums and ever faithful Gaviscon just aren't cutting it! Baby girl is still making her presence known on a regular basis and she's definitely feeling a little bigger. The boys have all been very sweet about patting my tummy and acknowledging she's in there but they always seem to miss her kicks. I'm curious to find out at my appointment how often I will have the NST's during my last trimester. I know they're coming, along with more ultrasounds; we just keep praying that she continues to grow well and we get to the end of this pregnancy without any serious complications for our little baby. I'm also hoping next week's journal entry has less talk of unpleasant bodily functions!!!!

~ Nancy

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