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Week 26
~ Holiday Blessings

Another week gone already! I knew the holidays would help pass the time. We are now just a few short days away from Christmas and our house is a buzz. Jackson has been getting up before 5am practically every day this week just sure that Santa has decided to come early. We've also had a very cranky Tucker who is trying hard to recover from his surgery in time to enjoy the festivities. He is still requiring his pain medicine through the night so sleep has been hard to come by. All of my shopping is finished with the exception of one small stocking stuffer I need to go get for Todd. We bought the boys a play kitchen as their big collective gift from Santa and that arrived last night which also now needs assembled. There was a possibility that it was not going to get here in time so we were excited. But what that really means is that now I have a ton of wrapping to do.. . . . good thing my sister is coming to stay with us as she will be a big help! So lots of talk of Christmas, Santa, Frosty, Rudolph and of course baby Jesus going on at our house. What a blast we're having!

I was supposed to have an OB appointment this Monday but because we had the combination of a snow day and sick kids I had to reschedule for Tuesday. I would have put it off until this coming week when I already have to be there but my battle last week with the flu and stomach virus left me with a raging sinus infection. I'm prone to them during pregnancy and I try to fight it as long as I can but the pain always reminds me that it's really OK to take that antibiotic and get back to feeling better. Now four days into my Z-Pack I'm assured it was worth it. The appointment itself was uneventful . . . .HOORAY! I gained one pound in three weeks which was welcome news after my Thanksgiving jump. My blood pressure was wonderful and I got to hear baby girl's heartbeat for a few seconds. She had a couple of slow days this week which always makes me worry a little but she's back to moving and shaking. I'm headed back to the office on Christmas Eve for my ultrasound and blood glucose test. I get tested twice every pregnancy because I'm at a higher risk due to family history and having a previous baby over nine pounds (Cooper was nine pounds 11 ounces!). I've never even been remotely close to failing so I'm hopeful this time will be more of the same. Also hoping and praying that the ultrasound shows our little peanut is growing as she should and that the placenta is holding out.

Holiday blessings and Merry Christmas . . . have a fabulous week!

~ Nancy

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