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Week 27
~ Onto the New Year . . .

The Christmas festivities and chaos have passed. After two days of presents and Tucker's fifth birthday celebration I can say we really had a wonderful Christmas week and much to be thankful for but boy am I looking forward to the slow down after the holidays!!! We had a pretty busy week despite having sick kiddos and trying to stay quarantined (our family put up with our germs). Last weekend we ended up in the emergency room with Cooper. He was having a pretty hard time breathing and although he has asthma, he wasn't especially wheezy or croupy sounding. Of course . . . RSV! It's the price we pay pretty frequently for having all four boys in school. They bring everything home and share it. It made its rounds and we had to miss two Sundays of church, Christmas Eve service, a friend's birthday party and all the fun of heading out into the after Christmas shopping crowds. Honestly, it actually couldn't have come at a better time for us . . . everyone had new toys to occupy them while we were stuck inside and therefore we were able to maintain our sanity! My sister was grateful as well as she was spending the week with us and I was super thankful for her company!!!

I, however, have somehow managed to stay well! I had my ultrasound and blood work on Christmas Eve. My sugar was 113 and my hemoglobin was 11.9, so good results all around. Our wiggly peanut weighed in at two pounds two ounces and although she is still measuring two to three days behind she is has maintained her growth, fluid levels are good and our little placental clot remains unchanged. To put the cherry on top, Todd was able to come this time. He got to see her open her mouth, move her eyes and smile and I got to see my sweetie's heart melt at the image of his little girl. The longer the reality of having a girl sinks in, the more I see myself sharing a big ole' hunk of my husband's heart with our daughter. I'm getting a clearer picture of what he has been experiencing when our baby boys attach themselves to me. For my Christmas gift Todd gave me a gift certificate to have a 3D/4D ultrasound. We can't wait!

Onto the New Year . . .

~ Nancy

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