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Nancy's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ Third Semester

Woohoo, it's 2008! I'm so looking forward to making new, happy baby memories in this new year. This week we said goodbye to my sister who was staying with us for the holidays and sent two of the boys back to school. Todd and I also got to go on a date for New Year's Eve and had some much needed alone time. We went out for a very nice dinner, finished up our baby registry at Target and then went to the movies. It was a wonderful evening and we agreed that our prayer for this year is to have five healthy kiddos in our happy, loving home.

The buzz on the baby front is that my sister is flying back up in February to throw me a baby shower. I'm more excited than I thought I would be at the idea. I had so much fun registering . . . at THREE different places! I keep saying that I really don't have any expectations since this is the fifth baby we get to bring home but the fact that she's a she and we're a house of blue adds just a touch of necessity to the whole affair.

The third trimester has welcomed me with all of the typical symptoms. I'm back to spending quite a bit of time running to the bathroom, my ankles are in a constant state of puffy, I'm running out of things that will fit on my expanding bottom and I'm sooooo tired. It's not like I didn't know what to expect or that our sweet little baby won't be worth every second of all of it but it's definitely God's perfect plan of making sure at the end what a woman really wants is for the baby to come out! I'm getting so excited to meet her. I'm trying to relish this last pregnancy but from the beginning the finale has been the goal and I'm finding myself just a bit impatient. I don't have my next OB appointment for more than two weeks. I'm hoping that he will have his March schedule ready and we can look at induction dates. I really, really want to make it to 39 weeks. This pregnancy was so filled with complications at the beginning I doubted for a long time that we would even make it to the third trimester and yet, here I am . . . still cooking, seemingly problem free. Keep on growing baby . . .

~ Nancy

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