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Week 29
~ Nice and Wonderfully Uneventful

This week was truly uneventful, no sick kids, no sick mom, no doctor's appointments . . . HOORAY! And yet, with very little to do but maintain our regular schedule, I'm feeling overwhelmed by the daily needs of our household. I guess the fatigue of the third trimester is hitting me. I just feel like I can't catch up and physically my body doesn't want to . . . it's tired. Pretty much all of my first and about half of my second trimester were spent trying to do as little as possible. I only lifted, carried, pushed and pulled what was absolutely necessary. My goal was to keep our little peanut safe inside and to allow my subchorionic hemorrhage the best possible environment for healing. Add in the few weeks I had the added stress of placenta previa and it was pretty easy for me to let everything go. I should add in here that my husband was and is amazing at taking over the household duties . . . he's truly a gift! Anyway, once everything resolved and I didn't have the fear that by moving I might cost our baby her life, I enjoyed getting back into the role of laundry manager and meal provider. It's now once again a struggle between by brain, body and the house as to how much I need to let go and how much energy I need to spend. It's a kind reminder that once the baby is here it doesn't get any easier to find the time and energy and yet I'm so looking forward to having her here in my arms, cuddling . . . letting it all pile up!

I'm also really starting to think about baby girl's name! We have one at the top of the list that I'm pretty sure we're set on and I love it! However, with all of the boys we have taken a short list to the hospital and then decided once we met the baby. I'm starting to think that I need to go back through my lists with Todd and come up with some alternatives just in case it doesn't fit. I'm also afraid that my pick for the middle name just might get overruled in the delivery room because Todd asked me the other day if I was sure about it. Hmmm . . .

Next week I have my scheduled OB visit and another growth scan. I think it's been about three weeks since I've been in, probably the longest between visits this whole pregnancy! I'm excited to see our little baby and make sure everything is still looking good. I love knowing about how big she is and seeing her do real baby things like yawn and put her fingers in her mouth. Last time we got the most beautiful profile shot and she had a little smile on her face. We've also scheduled our 3D/4D ultrasound for week 31, how exciting!

Have a great week!

~ Nancy

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