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Week 30
~ A Week of Anniversaries

BG (baby girl) is doing great! At the beginning of my week our little peanut made some drastic changes in the amount of movement she was making so Monday morning I called to see if I could go in to the office for an NST (non-stress test). Apparently they have a new policy that unless is was a previously scheduled NST, they send you to Labor & Delivery. Fine, I went . . . she passed. She was pretty calm and sleepy the first half hour but then she woke up and got wiggling!

Two days later was my scheduled OB appointment and growth scan. I had the ultrasound first and it became pretty clear why I wasn't feeling as much movement as I had been. The little stinker had her head AND feet up by my ribs. She's back to her busy little self in there but I'm pretty sure she's still breech because I feel her precious little head against my ribs!!! The rest of the visit went well. I have gained more weight this pregnancy than I wanted to but I know it doesn't last forever and she'll be worth the hard work to get it back off. Speaking of weight, BG is up to a whopping 3 pounds! My blood pressure has been wonderful the whole time and although I'm prone to swelling it hasn't been as bad as some of my other pregnancies. All in all, another week still thankful to be pregnant with a healthy baby!

Unfortunately, we will not be having our 3D/4D ultrasound next week. The ultrasound tech just did not think that we would get good shots and that we would be wasting our money. I have a totally anterior placenta, meaning it's all in front and blocking the baby. I noticed this week that she was having a harder time getting good measurements of baby's belly. Ah, well . . . soon enough we will be gazing at the real thing!

This week was also a week of anniversaries for us. On January 17th of last year I had the ultrasound that determined our little Walker had passed due to complications from a very large subchorionic hemorrhage. It was such a terribly sad moment and so it holds tightly onto a little piece of my heart and yet at the same time I know he is at peace in heaven and so I acknowledge his loss but don't dwell on it. We went in for the induction on the 19th and after 36 hours I delivered his beautiful little body the evening of January 20th. The whole process was very sad and pretty traumatic but as a couple Todd and I will never regret that decision so we could see him, hold him and bury him. On the same date last year our precious Finley celebrated his first birthday!!! While it doesn't make sense to have lost Walker, the fact that God gave him to us on the same day as Finley gives us something to always be thankful for and to celebrate. And so I'll be thankful for what I have on earth and what I hold near in heaven! Happy Birthday boys!

~ Nancy

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