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Week 31
~ Doctors' Appointments = Chaos!

What a week! I have survived FIVE doctor's appointments. That's five times I had to juggle school schedules and children with no sitter. We had a lady who came here and there to help out for such occasions but she has taken a "real" job and I haven't come up with any alternatives yet. Thankfully, with the exception of our sick trip to the pediatrician, they were drama free adventures. Monday and Tuesday we had well-visits for two of the boys and on Wednesday I had to make a trip to the dermatologist and head in to the OB's office for my NST. Thursday was Finley's trip in to have his ears checked because they were draining and Tucker and Cooper had to come along. It's a situation I usually try to avoid but there was a miscommunication with the bus garage/driver who was supposed to pick up one of the boys and so off we went. While they're usually very well behaved boys, when they outnumber me somebody usually ends up having a major meltdown in public. Ah, well . . . thank you Cooper for keeping me humble. I'm sure it was to someone's entertainment to see my tired pregnant body juggle a flailing, screaming, hungry, overdue for a nap and up too-late-the-night-before 3 1/2 year old, along with the other two little angels, through the doctor's office, out into the blustery snow and into the car.

Moving on now! It's making me tired just writing about it and grateful there's only one appointment scheduled for next week!!!

BG passed her NST again this week . . . HOORAY! She was sleepy for the first few minutes but once she got the buzzer in her ear she started doing everything she was supposed to. She had nice accelerations and movement. I had one contraction while I was laying there but it didn't register and the baby didn't seem to notice. There was some confusion about whether or not I needed a fluid level check too. Thankfully, the perinatologist who comes into town once every other week was at the office. I was under the assumption that because we had had a growth scan and fluid check the week before that we were good for four more weeks. However, once the nurse consulted with the peri he confirmed that the fluid needs to be checked once a week along with the NST. My hopes of a laid back, intervention free pregnancy have been long gone. So, instead of dreading the ONE more thing to do, I look at it as ONE more way to make sure our little baby is doing well. It's a few more minutes at the office every week and another chance for me to get a peek at her. She is definitely still head up. It makes bending over really difficult but if she were head down I'm sure I'd be complaining about all the pressure and extra trips to the bathroom. So, once again the fluid level was acceptable and I got a really sweet view of her sucking on her hand. I could see her little mouth moving and everything. Too cute!

~ Nancy

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