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Week 32
~ Nesting Instinct?

After last week, I'm happy to say that this week was extremely uneventful! I only had one doctor's appointment to contend with and it went well. I had my weekly NST and fluid check. BG did not need the buzzer this week! She was extremely active in there with lots of nice corresponding accelerations. Fluid level was good too! The great news is that she was head down . . . I say "was" because it's very clear to me that she can still flip around in there. Tucker was my other baby who flipped around until a week or so before delivery so I'm trying not to stress about it. As I have said all along, after everything we've been through as long as she comes out healthy, it simply doesn't matter how she comes out. Week 34 is my next big ultrasound . . . maybe she'll have made up her mind by then?

I have been a little overwhelmed lately thinking about everything that I need to get organized before she comes. I should say, everything I'd LIKE to get organized. I have a lot of my baby stuff in storage and while I don't have to have things like my Boppy and baby bathtub to bring her home from the hospital, I know that right now I have more time to dig and clean than I will after she's on the outside! We still need a new car seat, diapers, socks, I have a lot of laundry to do and my dream would be to buy a new glider for her nursery. It's all just stuff and I'm trying hard to not stress about it. Hopefully, we'll be a little more prepared after our baby shower in two weeks!

Hmmm . . . sounds like the nesting instinct is starting to kick in, now if only the body would cooperate and pick up some energy!

Have a great week!

~ Nancy

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