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Week 33
~ Chugging Along

Thankfully, my energy picked up a little this week so I was able to indulge a bit of that nesting instinct. I got caught up on my many loads of laundry so I could wash some of BG's things. I washed all of our baby towels and burp cloths so they would be fresh along with all of the adorable 0-6 months clothes I have accumulated so far. The crib and my arms are READY! I'm perfectly content to let her finish baking but I'm so excited to meet her. Still waiting to see how the shower goes before I stock up on diapers and the other stuff I still need. She's definitely going to be daddy's little girl as I brought home a bag full of clothes and socks from the GAP outlet and he didn't mention anything about how much I might have spent!!!

This week I had my regular NST and fluid check along with an OB appointment. All went well. BG only needed 10 minutes on the strip . . . she was stellar. Fluid level was 11.9 which is pretty good, however, the stinker was transverse. My guess that she had not settled into a head down position yet was correct! She's definitely had a little growth spurt this week and it feels at times like there's a bony little alien trying to escape through my belly button. There was one day where I was dizzy, had a headache and just could not stop napping. I had my appointment the following day and I kept thinking I wonder if my BP is going to be high tomorrow? Instead it was picture perfect at 118/68 . . . guess my body was adjusting to a need for increased blood volume.

Most days I chug along just fine and then there are days when I just have to give in and rest my body. I've been through this too many times to try and fight it and I understand that pregnancy IS hard work. It still amazes me how life comes to be. The whole process is such a miracle. The temporary sacrifice of personal space, energy and time (along with the permanent marks on body and heart) are such small price to pay for a life! With all the anxiety this pregnancy has brought and with all the excitement of the prize at the end I have to remind myself that this is it, my last time, quit wishing it would go by quicker!!!

Next week I will be able to post about my big ultrasound.. . . . can't wait!

~ Nancy

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