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Nancy's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ Wonderful NST

I'm getting really antsy to finish up BG's room and it's been very hard not to shop the past couple of weeks! I'm making myself wait until after the much anticipated baby shower. As I type this I'm down to about four and a half weeks until induction day and I'm ready to get everything in place. Guess the desire to nest hasn't faded. A new car seat and some newborn diapers were on my "must have before baby can come out" list and the diapers came today in the mail as part of a shower gift!!! It's amazing, you'd think after having four boys in rapid succession that we would have everything we could possibly need. However, in the past couple of months the highchair has broken, the infant car seat has reached it's expiration date and the stroller is on its last wheel! This on top of indulging myself with baby girl bedding and pink socks . . . well, it's turning into quite an expensive journey!

We had another week of appointments. We ventured out in a snow storm to have our teeth cleaned so I wouldn't have to worry about that for a while. I also got my hair trimmed and colored and none to soon as the grays were taking over! We celebrated Valentine's Day which meant of lot of card assembling and box making for the four boys' classes. I was gifted with a giant box of fabulous chocolates from Todd. And I had a wonderful NST and ultrasound appointment. BG passed the NST again without any trouble, fluid was good, growth is right on track and she is again . . . head down. She was estimated to be right under five pounds!!! Hooray for healthy, consistent growing. The tech wasn't even sure if I would need another growth scan before d-day so that's TBD.

Physically and emotionally I'm feeling great! I have some very typical swelling, bending over is near impossible and I get winded trying to balance and put on my underwear! Yep, sounds like things are just as they should be! I have had good intentions of posting an updated belly shot on this journal. Part of the problem is that I need access to my husband's computer and the other part is that I might embarrass myself! Maybe next week . . .

~ Nancy

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