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Week 35
~ SHE is coming so soon!

Nancy at her showerI am now on weekly OB visits to go along with the NSTs, a clear sign the end is near! Again, everything with BG is looking very reassuring. There was some question during this NST of what to call her baseline (the normal resting heart rate) because she was all over the place. However, she had nice accelerations and fluid was still good so she passed. I can tell by my waddle that she is making her decent. I am also getting a little more uncomfortable . . . more swelling and lower back pain but nothing worth whining about TOO much!

I also had my very anticipated baby shower this week. It was so much fun and simply overwhelming that so many people would come together to celebrate our little BG. My sister did an awesome job putting everything together!!! The food was great and the company was better. We are now drowning in a sea of pink girly things and feel so grateful to have been gifted so generously! It was great to have my sister home again for the weekend. It went by way too quickly but less than four more weeks until she is back. And that means just days away from meeting our little sweetie!!!

Todd and I are still in awe that SHE is coming so soon. I got to order my new rocking chair, a rug and some really cute storage boxes. I'm definitely anxious to get everything in the nursery put together and organized. While I know it's not a necessity for it to be done before she gets here, it's just too much fun to see it all coming together and you know the nesting instinct can't just let it go! I'm still waiting to get our car seat but we got enough in gift cards that financially it's covered . . . a huge relief!!

A couple of the boys had a nasty green nose this week and guess who succumbed to the germs! Uggh . . . it's been awful. Pregnancy by nature gives me extra mucus in my head (as if pregnancy brain didn't make me cloudy enough already) and so getting an extra virus on top of that makes me very prone to sinus infections. I had to take my sick self back in to the OB to get an antibiotic. I was in so much pain I just couldn't put it off. I still don't feel well but I'm hopeful that the coming week will be better.

I am surprised by the feeling that time has been passing quickly. I don't know if it's the hustle and bustle of our big family or the knowledge that this is my last pregnancy and part of me doesn't want it to be over too soon! I'm curious to see if goes by dreadfully slow in the next few weeks. Good thing God's timing is perfect and not left up to the hormonal whims of pregnant women!!!

~ Nancy

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