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Week 36
~ How Much Snow?

The amount of snow we've had this week has put our house in a tizzy. It's lovely, really, but how am I supposed to get anything done with three snow days in a row!!! It's amazing how used to my routine I have gotten and how out of sorts we all are when it's interrupted. The boys are going stir crazy (mommy might have a little cabin fever too). There's really too much snow to send them out to play in and not enough running room in our house to burn any energy . . . so you can see where four very active boys with energy to spare might be driving me a little batty. Toss all that chaos in with me still not feeling 100% and Jackson coming down with strep (which meant we couldn't go anywhere public to get exercise) and well . . . let's just hope next week we're back on schedule and healthy!

The girls in our small group from church decided to go out to eat one night this week and then surprised me with a little impromptu showering! I received more adorable clothes and a very generous gift card (meant specifically for our car seat)! Have I mentioned how overwhelmed I feel by all this attention and gifting?!!! Wow! So, the car seat and stroller are here. I had extra gift card money so I was able to order some new, much needed baby gates. I have the nursery all set except for the rocker, which is going to be delivered next week and now we just wait for baby day!

My OB appointment and NST again, went very well. BG had to get the buzzer twice but then had some accelerations on her own. Everything else is status quo. Next week I'll get my first cervical check. We are definitely head down, WAY down. She really dropped yesterday and now I've got that constant urge to run to the bathroom every time I exert myself and exerting myself these days doesn't take much more than walking up the stairs. The Braxton-Hicks contractions have really picked up too. My OB said she could come anytime. It's funny to hear because I've been induced with all four of the boys and I never made it to induction day anymore dilated than two centimeters. I am NOT going to make any predictions on whether or not she's going to come early or how much progress I'm going to make. All I need to know is that in no more than 18 days from today I will be holding this sweet baby (this sweet nameless baby!!)!

~ Nancy

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