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Week 38
~ Last OB Appointment - EVER!

I'm writing this entry a day early because my in-laws are here and my time to just sit in front of the computer without feeling guilty is very limited! The week started with digging out from all of that snow! We were so thankful that we had a friend who could come over and snow blow the driveway. There were drifts at least two feet high and Todd was still recovering from the flu so he wouldn't have had the energy to shovel it all. We had a little babymoon all planned for the day after the snow started. We had friends whose wedding reception was supposed to be Saturday night, my mom was going to keep the boys and we were going to stay at a hotel and just enjoy some alone time before the baby comes. WELL, our poor friends had to postpone until Sunday due to "blizzard conditions," we were very stuck in our house and so our big night away was shot. It was disappointing but I used the time to get a little more ready for Todd's parents and he had a day to just take it easy instead of rushing around while he wasn't feeling 100% yet. We did end up getting to go the reception a day late and truly enjoyed our evening out!

As I write this Todd is still out of town. He comes home very late tomorrow night and I can't wait!!! I don't know if we've spent this many nights apart since Jackson was born and we're really missing each other! He's having a great time though, enjoying good food and warm weather and the sweetie did manage to leave me this week with the FLU and FOUR sick boys. I can't tell you how 1) sad I am to be too sick to enjoy these last few days of pregnancy, 2) how very badly I want the sick, snow, sick, snow cycle to end, 3) how very, very grateful I am that I've had Todd's parents here to help me and 4) so you don't get too angry with him for leaving his very pregnant wife, how very bad Todd feels that we're all ill here without him!!! The in-laws jumped right in and took over laundry, cooking, baths AND quite a few of my honey do projects are getting done. They have been a God send in the truest sense of the words! I would have been a wreck if they weren't here and this isn't easy for them . . . life at our house involves a lot more activity than they're used to. I'm three days into this crud and am feeling just now a little bit better. The fever and chills only lasted one day but my throat is killing me and I have horrible sinus congestion. I am SOOOO tired of this over production of snot! It's clearly time for BG to vacate so I can have my body back!!!

Speaking of . . . I had my very last OB appointment . . . EVER! It's so strange to know that!!! I was a little softer but still only a fingertip (hence, the hubby got to leave) dilated. I was glad that there wasn't any question so we didn't have any difficult decisions to make. I lost two pounds (a sign that the end is near), BP was 118/60, fluid was 12 and obviously another great NST. I would have never imagined the end of this pregnancy would go half as smoothly. Let alone a have totally complication free third trimester!!! We truly believe it's the result of a LOT of prayers sent up for our family and our little BG. Her little life really is a miracle! And so this is it until our birth story! Wow!!!

The question now is whether we'll be able to agree on her name or might Baby Girl be the official word on the birth certificate?!

~ Nancy

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