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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Nancy's pregnancy journal.

Nancy (41) and Darius (44) have been married for 23 years. They have 5 living children--Joshua (18), KayCee (16), Jesse (8), Noah (5) and Elora (3). They've also experienced two miscarriages. Their eighth pregnancy resulted in the birth of Isabella Rose at 38 weeks, 5 days on November 19, 2008. She has Down syndrome but her remarkable family think of her as their latest blessing and miracle!

Nancy's Journal Entries

Meet Nancy

Week 15
Busy, Busy, and New Beginnings

Week 16
Hi Doc!

Week 17
This and That

Week 18
Itching, Itching, and more Itching!

Week 19

Week 20

Week 21

Week 22
This and That

Week 23
The Ever Busy Family

Week 24
New Things Just Keep Coming

Week 25
The State Fair

Week 26

Week 27
Dreamy Thoughts Amongst the Chaos

Week 28
Another Birthday and a Surprise for Me!

Week 29
Everyone is Anxious!

Week 30
Cutesy Face

Week 31
More Schedule Changes

Week 32
Fall Is Finally Here!

Week 33
Lots of Emotions

Week 34
Seasons of Change

Week 35
Smoke a’rolling!

Week 36
What Is Going On?

Week 37
Doc Says What!

Week 38
No Change

Birth Story
Our latest Blessing and Miracle!

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