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~ Meet Nancy

NancyHi my name is Nancy (41); I have been married to Darius (44) for 22 years. This is pregnancy number 8 for us. Our children range from Joshua (18), KayCee (16), and Jesse (8), Noah (4) and Elora (2). So if you are into figures you notice that is 5 living children, which two are living in heaven waiting to meet us when that time comes. Both miscarriages were hard in their own ways. Our first miscarriage occurred in 2004 only 6 months after my dad died from complications due to melanoma cancer that had spread to his major organs. Grief upon grief is very hard to handle but thankfully the Lord sent wonderful women to help me through. The second, which was less than a year ago, had its own set of issues to deal with, mainly "why's" with no answers of substance and having to look into the eyes of our then 7 year old son and tell him the baby had died. Talk about breaking a mommy's heart! But we have been blessed with this little "jelly bean" arriving on Thanksgiving day or there about and up until this week I have been cautiously excited!

Now I feel I can be simply excited!! We have entered week 14 which the doctor feels I am past the risk of miscarriage and I look forward to sharing the news with our 3 youngest children. They have been so looking forward to another baby. Well at least the boys have; Elora just agrees to whatever excites everyone else! Jesse, I know, will say he hopes for a sister'and Noah has expressed the need for a little brother. Jesse likes everything even and our female to male ratio is not even right now! He also doesn't want to share their bedroom with another brother.

So far this pregnancy has been almost normal. I did have some spotting around 7 weeks which warranted blood work and an early sonogram. The sono was exciting since I am with a new doctor this pregnancy that meant a different sonogram technician and place. What a surprise when she said 'now listen' (I wondered what am I listening to besides blood flowing) then I heard it the sound every expecting mother holds her breath to hear . . . the heartbeat! And I was hearing it so very early!! Here I thought seeing our little "jelly bean' was exciting; this was adding all the extra goodies to the sundae!! The next week I saw the doctor for an official visit, and what a treat! I had actually found a gem in this doctor! He has been so very excited to see me back so quickly. We conceived about four months after the miscarriage, and I had "interviewed" this doctor in January on my quest for a doctor who would consider allowing me to have a Vbac. Then during the exam he said he couldn't resist and had to peek and told the nurse to get the portable sonogram machine. He made sure I could see the screen as he focused the view. I feel so very blessed to have a doctor who is as excited about our new little life as we are.

At my last visit it was breath holding time as doc searched for the heartbeat with the Doppler. After several near misses, he finally caught our little one long enough for a good listen. He informed me that we have an active little one! We discussed whether I wanted any extensive testing done; my answer was 'no need'. He seemed glad to hear that and advised me to make sure no one try to take any blood at my next visit. Of course as is par, we discussed some issues about my age and weight, nothing too concerning, just reminders. As we were winding up the visit he reminded me, with a twinkle in his eye, that next visit we would be scheduling a sonogram and that I need not hire a babysitter for any further visits because my children were always welcome to come along! Thank you; thank you Lord and to the friends who suggested this very special doctor to me.

Oh, by the way he said as long as everything goes well (we can't foretell the future) I was the exact type of mom he looked for to say "yes" for trying a Vbac! Talk about walking home on clouds! I have had 4 all natural; no pain meds for the deliveries and the only reason for the c-section was because the baby was transverse. We had tried to manually turn her and got her about half-way there only to have her pop back into the same position about 7 hours later, where she stayed when I went into labor 3 days later. Little stinker! All considering and hindsight being 20/20 that birth brought me to where we are today and this looks like a wonderful relationship with this doctor!

I homeschool our children which is wonderful for us. We enjoy the ability to mold each of the children's education to what they need. Life does become a bit hectic from time to time since I run an apparel business from home, as well as serve as a wedding representative at church. Needless to say we have learned how to work as a team to get all the tasks done especially when busy days or weeks hit the calendar.

~ Nancy

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