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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15
~ Busy, Busy, and New Beginnings

This week is a full, no, very full week. Each day, it seems, I get closer and closer to needing only maternity clothes. Another couple of outfits moved out of the way because they are too small, too tight, or just look awful at this size! Now I like to look on the bright side which means I'm becoming more visible as being pregnant and not just getting fatter! I know that is what some are wondering. I bet you are wondering why wouldn't all my friends know; well my hubby wrangled my oldest daughter into this game of let's not tell and see how long it takes before people notice or ask! Honestly some days it is fun other times it is just crazy. Why do I play along with them? I wonder if it is just too many brain cells dying off. It is kind of awkward bringing up the subject out of the blue with someone. I have not found a creative way of saying, "Hey I noticed your puzzled look about my appearance and to set you at ease I'll lose the extra weight at the end of November!" Some are brave and just ask, apologizing ahead just in case I'm simply gaining weight. Bless their hearts. Oh the tangled web we weave.

This week I met with a new bride-to-be and discussed what was available for her wedding next spring, answered questions and helped her get a little more focused. The next day I had a wedding rehearsal for a young couple; we had a wonderful Italian dinner afterwards. Good does not even begin to describe this dinner. Of course Saturday was their wedding and I was busy from just before 9:00 am until I think 6-ish. I managed to crochet a pair of booties while the ladies were getting their hair done. The photographer was very late so there were some nerves to calm. The church ended up being packed; everything went according to plan after the photographer incident. The ring bearer was only 2 and had an issue with carrying that pillow so I sent him down the aisle without it which made him happy. Flexibility is the key word. I remembered to eat and drink my water which was a big accomplishment for me.

We took KayCee to camp on Sunday afternoon. Elora did cry hard as well as ask to go back and get 'TayCee" for 30 miles. Bless her heart, she just didn't understand why we would leave her buddy in what she felt was a strange place. A quick shopping stop took the tears away as well as some Cinderella stickers. Shopping even fixes everything for a 2 year old!

I have been extremely tired during this pregnancy and that seems to be letting up this week. Thank goodness; it is hard to fit 10 hours of sleep in with my schedule. I actually counted it up one day when my "to-do" list didn't even have a dent made in it. Thankfully we have assigned chores so at least there is help and some part of the house may appear clean. I have also figured out where some of the nausea has been coming from considering hormone levels should be leveling off or I should be at least adjusted. Whenever I have gone too long without eating or have not been drinking my water I start to feel awful. Now this puzzle piece will help to keep me going since it seems once I start feeling yucky my energy also begins to dwindle. I tried something in my first trimester after reading this trick in my devotional; I ate some type of protein before going to bed and it really helped with my morning sickness. It didn't have to be very much like 5 crackers with a small piece of cheese for each or a slice of bread with peanut butter. Very small amount and very simple and so far the best trick I found for my morning sickness. Since morning sickness isn't plaguing me anymore I can skip that but I do have to start my morning off with protein in some form.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the boys reacted just as I thought they would when we told them about the baby. In fact it started quite the discussion about which would be better--a boy or girl and why. At one point they thought twins would settle it all; one boy and one girl! I assured them only one heartbeat and only one baby was seen a few weeks ago. Besides Jesse chided the suburban didn't have room for twins, and what were we going to do about the van because not everyone would fit. Then we were back to the debate over this little one's gender. I just let them go until it began to escalate then I reminded them that God knows exactly which we need and will take care of it. Never a dull moment here!

Chat with you next week!
~ Nancy

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